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The Explorer's First Map (the story of how Caitlyn met Ezreal)

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I HAVE MOVED THIS TO A GOOGLE DOC. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fh4m3gFTj_zXBuy10SkpednAuAYbOS1n2sUnHalhjTM/edit)
Why? Because I'm nowhere near finished, and I've already run out of room. There, I can post however many words I want and update my story real time.
Come back to this forum to check for news/feedback requests, though.

About the Author

My name is [withheld], I live in a state in the US Central time zone, and my first day of college was Monday. I am majoring in mechanical engineering. For those of you who don't know, that's kind of a tough major. I spent most of my summer lazing around, trying (unsuccessfully) to find a job, and now I'm trying to get back into the swing of school. I only have computer access on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the day. But trust me, I have been working on this fanfic in every minute of my free time, jotting down ideas in a notebook between classes, sketching stuff and thinking up dialogue when I hit a wall with my homework. I wish I could update this story every 3 hours or so, but unfortunately it's just not possible. I don't know whether anyone else is as totally into this story as I am, but personally, I'm always eager to see 'll crank out next. It's like I have the personae of these two characters fully developed in my mind, and they're just using me to write their tales. Caitlyn is my hero and Ezreal is mai waifu, so that may have something to do with it....

FAQ (frequently asked by me, to myself):
1. Wait, but aren't Google docs published in real time? How will I know if you really posted a finished update or if I'm just reading a draft?
A: I edit the story on my Word Processor, then I copy and paste the changes to the Google Doc. All you will ever see is what I intend to be seen.

2. What the heck kind of story is this anyway?
A: This is my attempt to make what COULD BE (since it's not Riot-official, we're forced to assume it's not) an accurate background story of two characters. By could be, I mean I try to stay (what I perceived as being) in-character, and I'm trying my best to have chronological accuracy as well. I guess you could call it a "pairing" if you wanted although I try to steer clear of that word because it makes people jump to conclusions. Besides, if you've been reading the story, they haven't exactly grown to like each other enough yet for it to really be a "pairing" :P

3. Why do you post so much s**t? All I want is the story. Every time this thread moves to the top, I expect an update, but sometimes there isn't one.
A: Because this was initially more well-received than I expected, and I'd really like to keep it that way. I've only asked for reader feedback once, but I plan to do it more. I'm sorry if my bumping gives you false hope, but do know that I AM working hard on the next part during every free moment I have. I feel that the more connected you are to your readers, the more comfortable they will feel giving you suggestions and feedback and stuff.

4. Name withheld? WTF?? You think people are gonna stalk you and kill you based on your first name only?
A: Actually, no, that isn't why I withheld my name. The real reason I didn't share it is because the last time I shared my first name on a public forum, people used it to make their insults of me that much more personal. Now, on the fan fiction forum, I don't expect too many nonconstructive, non-story-related insults, since the trolls will tend to stick to forums like GD or OTD or Tribunal. But there are still the trolls who will say something every once in a while, and giving them my name would make it easier for them. (anyone who knows a thing or two about Google will see exactly how flawed my logic is, but let's keep that to ourselves)

5. LOL you must be a girl IRL because you're so sensitive to criticism.
A: I am. Why do you think I'm writing a story from the point of view of a girl, about my favorite male champion? Seriously? I guess I could be gay, but my theory is that there are a lot less gay males on these forums than there are straight females. IDK for sure. (And if I was a gay male I'd be of the very hopeful view that Ezreal is also gay and my main character would probably be Taric)

6. Why are you posting on the forums instead of playing the game?
A: Because I play the game solely with the purpose of having fun, but clearly most of the rude teammates I get stuck with take it more seriously than me. I don't enjoy being raged at for "feeding" when I am 1/2/5, 15 minutes in. So lately, the game loses my interest while the background stories of all the characters retain it. Have I stopped playing completely? No, I play a game every once in a while. But my primary (LoL-related) focus right now is this story.


Caitlyn bolted down the stairs as fast as she possibly could. She was being chased by something big. It let out a feral scream that made her blood run cold. It was louder than ever before. Caitlyn glanced behind her and saw the monster, its jaws dripping saliva, about to consume her....


Caitlyn’s eyes fluttered open. She’d had the same dream again.

“CAITLYN!!!” screamed her mother.

“Yes, Mother, I’m awake! Hold on!” shouted Caitlyn in reply. She must have gotten another call. As the one and only Sheriff of Piltover, she had a lot of responsibilities and most certainly could not afford to oversleep. A glance to the clock showed her that she had only missed her wake-up time by 15 minutes. She slipped into one of her many dresses and outfitted herself with her usual belts, boots, and gloves, all gifts from her mother.

After quickly running a brush through her hair, Caitlyn slid down the banister and alighted in the kitchen of her family’s small home. She gave her mother a hug and kiss on the cheek before heading for the pantry.

“Yes, mother, who needs me this time?” said the sheriff offhandedly as she hunted for her favorite cereal.

“A number of citizens called in to report sightings of a shady character lurking outside their homes. Apparently he’s been sneaking through back alleys, standing in corners, and writing stuff down. They were hoping you could check it out; most people are terrified they’ll be robbed.”

Sigh. Of course. She’d been hoping for something a bit less...lackluster, but as criminals lately tended to avoid Piltover altogether, it was nice to have at least some action every now and then.

“I’ll be on it, mother, just as soon as I finish my Fruity-O’s,” said Caitlyn as she poured herself a bowl. Her mother shifted uncomfortably.

“Actually, he’s been spotted this morning just down the road...I was sort of hoping you’d go track him down before he...w-well, we just don’t know what’s going on.”

The distressed tone of her mother’s voice made Caitlyn uneasy. She put down the Fruity-O’s and turned to face her mother.

“Mom? What’s wrong?”

“It’s just...you know, dear, before you undertook this little...mission of yours, this town was...different. I know you know that. But you were very young when it was at its worst. Since you grew up, you’re not my little Caity creampuff anymore, and...and...” at this point, she whisked her handkerchief out of her pocket and blew her nose very loudly. Caitlyn smiled and threw her arms around her mother.

“Aw, ma, don’t worry. I’m on the case! I won’t let this creep get anywhere near our house.” With another quick kiss on her mother’s cheek, Caitlyn was off with her trusty techmaturgical hat and rifle. She moved quickly and quietly through the alleys where her mother said the lurker was spotted. Before too long, she had picked up his trail and was silently stalking him, and in no time at all, she had him in her sights.

She activated the high-tech zoom lens built into her hat so she could get a good look at him. While she would have much preferred to simply cripple him from afar with a well-placed shot to the ankle, she knew that it was probably unnecessary, since as far as the citizens could tell, he was unarmed.

What Caitlyn saw was the extremely non-threatening figure of a teenage boy hunched over a notebook. He wore a plain white shirt, a plain brown jacket, plain blue pants, and one enormous gauntlet, and his hairstyle seemed to defy gravity. She rolled her eyes and stifled a groan -- she’d recognized him immediately and could hardly believe no one else had.

It was Ezreal, the former boy genius of Piltover’s magic academy. The academy was a very prestigious place where only the wealthiest of families could afford to send their children -- not that Ezreal’s parents were exactly wanting for money. They lived in the best part of the good side of town and were well-known for being generous philanthropists while still having plenty to spare.

Caitlyn wondered what the spoiled brat was doing lurking in the slums. She hadn’t known he’d already returned to his hometown after being away for so long in the Shurima Desert, and she had only heard tales of his magical prowess. But from the sounds of it, his gift with both magic and cartography combined with the praise of his admirers had made his ego quite large. She decided it would be fun to give him a little scare.

Caitlyn first unloaded her gun -- she didn’t want Ezreal to do anything stupid to force her to shoot him. Slowly, carefully, and of course silently, Caitlyn crept up behind him until she was less than 10 feet away. She leveled her rifle at his head, and in the most intimidating voice she could muster (which was very intimidating indeed), she called, “Freeze!”

The teen’s reaction was nothing short of hilarious. He whirled around and struck what he must have thought was a threatening stance. However, Caitlyn seriously doubted Ezreal carried any real physical danger -- not only was she at least 6 inches taller than him without heels, but Ezreal was known primarily for his magical gift, so why would he need to learn how to throw a punch? -- so his “threatening stance” just looked like a silly boy trying to play ninja.

“Lower your weapon, you don’t know what you’re up against!” commanded Ezreal in an amusingly confident voice. Caitlyn snickered and shouldered her gun.

“Relax, it’s not loaded. I know you. You’re the grandmaster explorer who used to go to school around here. What are you doing, sneaking around scaring everyone? People think you’re a robber, they had to call me in to investigate. It’s dangerous for someone like you to be around here anyway -- there are REAL robbers, you know.” Ezreal had dropped his silly pose and was now giving Caitlyn an unnerving, unbroken stare.

“Well, due to my impressive skill in multiple fields, which you seem to have heard of, my former professors have all been begging me to come back and give lectures. But that really isn’t why I came back to town; the main reason was this,” stated Ezreal, holding up his notebook to show Caitlyn an impressively detailed (but unfinished) map of Piltover. It was perfectly scaled and the houses were even labeled with the names of their residents. “After I’d finished mapping everything else, it occurred to me that I had never updated the map of my precious hometown, so I’ve returned to finish the job.”

Caitlyn didn’t feel the need to express her approval, as his arrogance was already biting at the edges of her nerves. The last thing this boy needed was a compliment.

“Fascinating. Regardless, there’s no need to look so shady, it’s making people uncomfortable. Why not just walk like a normal person on the main streets? You could get lost back here...or worse.” Ezreal had still not taken his eyes off of Caitlyn, and she was growing steadily more uncomfortable.

“How can one possibly make a map if one only sees what is presented? Sometimes you have to poke around a bit if you really want to learn. And as for the danger...trust me, I can handle myself. But anyway, I’m surprised a beautiful young lady such as yourself would even think to lecture ME about safety in this part of town. Why don’t you tell me your name, gorgeous, and maybe I can walk you home?” Ezreal prompted, transitioning smoothly from a tone of annoyance to one of shameless blandishment. He took a small step closer to Caitlyn.

Caitlyn was not impressed. “I don’t think so,” she retorted coyly. She spun around to walk away.

“Hey, wait a minute--” Ezreal put a hand on Caitlyn’s shoulder to try and stop her. Wrong move. In less than two seconds, Caitlyn pulled out her ammo, loaded her gun, cocked it, and pinned Ezreal to the wall, her gun at his throat.

“You listen to me, PUNK. My name is Caitlyn, I am the Sheriff of Piltover, and if there is one thing I do NOT tolerate in MY city, it is disturbance of the PEACE. If I see you around here EVER again, I will shoot you on sight, and I promise you, it is going to hurt. I never miss. Do I make myself clear?”

Ezreal smirked. “Crystal,” he said. Caitlyn did not like his tone.

“And don’t ever touch me again.”


Another day, another excruciating class to sit through.

Ezreal had returned just over a month ago, and had immediately been contacted by his old instructors to come in and give lectures.

Ezreal had always hated receiving lectures when he was a child, so he seriously doubted that any students actually enjoyed his lessons. But all the female students always gave him their undivided attention. Of course, admirers or no admirers, school always was and continued to be a chore for Ezreal, so his day didn’t really begin until school ended and he was free to roam the city. He had nearly the entire place mapped out; only one section on his map was blank. Unfortunately, he might be unable to fill it in for a while, since it was in downtown Piltover.

It had been exactly two weeks since his encounter with the sheriff. If there was one thing Ezreal prided himself on, it was making the impossible look easy -- he would never tell a soul, but he was absolutely terrified of Caitlyn. She had successfully scared him out of the downtown area indefinitely, grinding his cartography to a halt.

And yet, he felt strangely fascinated by her as well. Almost all of his students (most of whom were actually older than him) were desperate for any excuse to talk to him (“can you tutor me?” “can I see your maps?” “you’re so smart, Ezreal!” etc.), but Caitlyn seemed immune to his charms, and he couldn’t help but wonder why.

Maybe she had someone else? That seemed unlikely, she surely would have mellowed out. Maybe he wasn’t her type? Preposterous, he was everyone’s type. Maybe she was playing hard to get? This was the solution Ezreal settled on. She must have fallen secretly in love with him, and despite her very clear threat, she was probably dying to talk to him again. He seriously doubted she would actually shoot, not if he walked down the streets in broad daylight.

So that’s exactly what he did. Since Piltover had been pretty peaceful lately, he expected to find Caitlyn nowhere but her own home, so that was where he went first. He didn’t have her address, but her house had to be one of the unlabeled ones left on his map -- and really, he was a professional explorer. Who needed a map anyway?


Afternoon was Caitlyn’s favorite time of the day; there was just enough sunlight, most people were still at work, and most people who weren’t at work were napping. It was quiet. Good time for thinking. On this particular afternoon, Caitlyn was trying to add another device onto her already mechanically modified hat. This device would allow her to see if anything was creeping up behind her. It looked like a simple mirror on a stick, but it was, in fact, adjustable, zoomable, and unfortunately breakable.

“Caitlyn!” shouted her mother up the stairs. CRACK. Caitlyn’s mirror had split in two when she jumped as she was bolting it on. She knew it wasn’t her mother’s fault that it had broken (it had been fragile, and perhaps this was a good call for a redesign), so she tried to hide the irritation in her voice when she called her response. “Coming!”

Too annoyed to slide down the banister, she trekked down the stairs and through the kitchen to find her mother standing at the front door.

“Yes, mother, what is--” Caitlyn’s words were choked off mid-sentence as she saw exactly what it was: she had a smiling, blond-haired visitor.

“This young man says he wants a word with you, Caity,” said her mother with a sly smirk. “I’ll just leave you two alone.” She went into the kitchen, leaving Caitlyn and Ezreal standing awkwardly in the doorway. You could cut the tension with a knife.

On Caitlyn’s side, anyway. Ezreal seemed perfectly at ease. He strolled over to the armchair in the living room, plopped down, and pulled his goggles off of his head. He held them up to the light, examining them. “You look different without your...uh...hat,” he said. Caitlyn folded her arms and glared at him.

After a moment, he put his goggles back on his head and caught Caitlyn’s death stare. “What? I didn’t say it was a bad thing.”

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you never to show your face here again?”

Ezreal smirked. “I figured you must be secretly dying to see me again, no female can resist my devilish good looks for very long,” he stated sanctimoniously, flashing her a smile and running a hand through his hair. Caitlyn snorted. Catching on to her mood (finally), Ezreal decided to cut to the chase. He stood up and cleared his throat. ”I was wondering if you’d give me the honor of your company at the Piltover Pamplemousse this Friday.”

Caitlyn was stunned. She supposed she should have seen this coming, given the boy’s shameless flirting and refusal to back down, but she didn’t think he could possibly be so oblivious to her feelings as to think she would accept a date. The look on Ezreal’s face, however, clearly indicated that he did not expect her to say no.

“No,” said Caitlyn. “Absolutely not. Why would you even ask that?”

Rather than looking hurt or disappointed, Ezreal looked simply taken aback and a bit confused. “Wait, why not?”

Caitlyn forced a laugh. She was involuntarily shaking her head. “Are you serious? What do you mean, why not? Isn’t it obvious?” This only sparked more confusion.

“No, it isn’t. I’m not good enough for you? Is that it? I have good looks, charm, and money, and no one has ever said no to a date with me before.”

“Have you ever asked?”

This seemed to hit a nerve. “Of course I have! What kind of loser do you take me for?” Ezreal snapped defensively. “Now, you didn’t answer my last question -- why not?”

Caitlyn sighed. “If you really need me to spell it out for you, I can. You’re self-centered, thoughtless, rude, pompous, and WAY too bold. Even if I was halfway impressed by your flattery, your intelligence, or your mapmaking skills, you negated that yourself when you shoved your ‘love me, i’m attractive and rich’ shtick into my face. I’m sure you must have been a pleasure to have in class at your school, what with you being bored to death by the poor instructors who were forced to teach you. Did you incessantly show them what a know-it-all you are, too? You may be good at what you do, but you are the dumbest genius I’ve ever met! Now please, get out of my house!” With each new statement, Caitlyn took a threatening step forward and Ezreal took a shocked step back. By the end of her speech, he was standing on her doorstep, and with her final words, she slammed the door in his face.


Ezreal slowly turned to leave Caitlyn’s doorstep. The dumbest genius she had ever met? Why, that was positively contradictory. And what did she mean, “Have you ever asked?” Of course he had asked girls on dates before. Hadn’t he?

Perhaps he had snapped into defensive mode without thinking. In fact, Ezreal couldn’t remember ever meeting any girl worth asking on a date. None before had caught his eye quite like this one did. Still, there was no doubt that any girl who he cared to ask would accept.

Or was there?

Suddenly, Ezreal wasn’t so sure. He decided he had better just get home so he could really think.

Unfortunately, he had been so lost in thought that he hadn’t noticed the two suspicious figures following him for half a block.


“Caity? What’s wrong? I haven’t heard you doing any of your usual tinkering...”

Caitlyn was sprawled on her bed, staring at the ceiling, and did not stir when her mother entered the room.

“Did that boy upset you? He seemed perfectly respectable...I know you can handle yourself just fine, but I just want you to know I’m here if you want to talk about anything or need me to...make you anything.”

Caitlyn smiled and looked at her mother, who had perched on the edge of the bed. “Thanks, Mom, but I’m fine. I’m just doing a little thinking.”

“Alright, Caity...well, let me know if you need anything, sweetheart. And remember I love you very much.”

“I love you too, Mom.”

Caitlyn was, in fact, doing a LOT of thinking. She was thinking mostly of what her mother had said earlier, about Piltover being different before Caitlyn stepped up to defend it. She knew that the event at the forefront of both of their minds’ was the mugging that led to Caitlyn’s desire for justice: her father’s mugging.

Before the incident, Caitlyn’s family had been well-off, wealthy even. But as soon as the underworld discovered that no one was untouchable, all hell broke loose. Through a series of events (the details of which were unknown to Caitlyn and which didn’t really interest her anyway), her father was removed from his position of power, and in mere months, the family was nearly bankrupt.

Caitlyn had barely started middle school when this happened, and all she remembered was that none of it would have happened if the police force was half-decent. Her family’s wealth was taken by criminals, they were forced to move into the slums by criminals, and her mother was scared nearly to death of criminals.

Caitlyn’s father was never around. She didn’t blame him for this. He worked two day jobs and always came home exhausted. Her mother was desperately trying to find work, but it wasn’t easy for her. When the family was wealthy, Caitlyn’s mother’s inventing work had been more of a hobby. There had been no need for her to really work the day job of the average resident of Piltover. Now that she needed to work, she didn’t really have any skills to speak of, other than tinkering. So that’s what she did: she tinkered away all day, trying to invent something she could sell. She seemed to always be constantly on the verge of a breakthrough.

Of course, since her studio was in the basement of the family’s small home, that meant Caitlyn’s mother used to spend a lot of time home alone in the bad part of town, and she was a very paranoid woman. Every evening, after her husband came home but before he went to bed, she would wail about her latest near-death experience. As Caitlyn grew older, she began to realize that her mother was just exaggerating, but back when she was just 12, it had seemed like a very big deal.

In Caitlyn’s early life, her teachers had all commented on how very bright and observant she was. Every single one had remarked that she needed something more stimulating, but none of them foresaw her next move: she dropped out of school. Her first move after dropping out was to take up her father’s rifle and hunt down the men who had first mugged her father. After her mission proved to be a dead success (pun intended), Caitlyn decided to spend the rest of her life hunting the criminals who had torn her family down.

As it turned out, this mission was also an early success, so from there she decided to go for crime in general. Her father was too busy to notice and her mother could do nothing to stop her, so she upgraded Caitlyn’s wardrobe instead. The result? A peaceful Piltover. Caitlyn smiled.

But then she snapped back to reality. A thought had just occurred to her. Ezreal had walked to her house by himself, which meant that he was now walking back home, through the slums, by himself. Despite his claims that he could handle himself and the fact that he had arrived at her house unscathed, Caitlyn couldn’t shake a nasty feeling that something terrible would happen to him.

As she geared up, she told herself that she was only doing this to promote peace in her city, and not because she cared what happened to Ezreal.


Caitlyn set off down the road in the direction she presumed Ezreal had gone. Little clues along the way (he stepped in puddles and left footprints) told her she was on the right track, but suddenly she lost the trail. She stood, frustrated, looking around, and noticed an alleyway entrance just beside her.

Great, thought Caitlyn. Ezreal must have taken a shortcut. It was almost like he was intentionally making her life difficult. Still, duty called, so she sighed and ducked into the alley. Almost immediately, she was aware of a disturbance coming from just around the corner.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time, punk: give us all your money now, or we’ll just have to take it from you.”

Uh-oh. Caitlyn cocked her gun. She pulled a hand mirror out of her pocket and used it to peer around the corner. Ezreal had been backed into a corner by two large men who appeared to be trying to rob him. Still, though this didn’t look like it would end well for him, he didn’t appear to be at all frightened. Perhaps his skill with magic was a force to be reckoned with after all?

At any rate, the muggers didn’t appear armed, so Caitlyn decided to hang back for now. If Ezreal needed her, she felt certain she could step in before they had a chance to hurt him, and she’d really like to see his powers in action.

“Maybe you two didn’t hear ME the first time,” retorted Ezreal. The blue stone on his gauntlet had begun to glow. “Leave me alone, and I won’t have to hurt you.” At this, the two men guffawed. Clearly they didn’t see him as a threat.

“Okay pretty boy, you asked for it!” sneered the one Caitlyn presumed was the leader. As the two lunged forward, her hand jumped to her gun. But suddenly, in a flash of bright yellow, Ezreal was safely behind them. A dart of magic shot from his glove and struck the leader between the shoulderblades. The man stumbled forward.

“Over here!” Ezreal taunted. As soon as the two robbers turned around, a blue crystalline bow materialized in Ezreal’s left hand. He used it to fire what seemed to be a wave of pure energy at the men, knocking them down.

“Whoa...I feel...slow...” said the sidekick. Ezreal laughed.

“Get up!” snapped the leader, jumping to his feet. He lunged toward Ezreal again, but was knocked backward by a bolt of white light from the bow.

“Is that all you’ve got?” mocked the boy as his bow dematerialized.

This time, the sidekick jumped up. With a loud growl, he jumped toward Ezreal, who deftly darted to one side. “Too slow!” he said smugly. He turned and saw that the other robber was charging at him. Caitlyn, unsure if Ezreal could react in time, prepared to shoot, but evidently the boy’s reflexes were as good as his magic skill. He blinked behind the leader and landed another bolt of energy in the man’s back.

“You belong in a museum!” called Ezreal. The two muggers turned toward him angrily, but as they did, the crystalline bow materialized again. This time, it was twice as big as Ezreal. He rose up in the air, drawing back the bow, and the robbers barely had time to widen their eyes before a massive wave of energy knocked them both out cold.

Ezreal’s alighted gracefully on the ground and his bow dematerialized. “You can come out now,” he said.

Caitlyn composed herself and stepped out from behind the wall. “You knew I was there?”

“The whole time,” Ezreal replied, smirking. “How did you like that? I told you I could handle myself.”

Caitlyn sneered. “Yes, well, forgive me for trying to do my job, oh great magician.”

Ezreal put up his hands defensively. “Whoa, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just letting you know it’s cool for the sheriff to stand down.” Caitlyn’s cheeks turned red, and Ezreal smirked. “Wait a minute, that’s not even why you followed me, is it? You were actually worried!”

“Preposterous!” snapped Caitlyn. Her cheeks turned even redder and she decided to change the subject. “I could have you arrested, you know. You could have killed these two!” She gestured to the two unconscious men on the ground.

Ezreal chuckled. “Unless I’ve seriously misjudged you, I don’t think you would arrest me for self-defense. Now, I doubt you followed me here just to check up on me, so are you going to walk me home or what?”

Caitlyn raised an eyebrow. “I thought you could handle yourself.”

“Well, I can, of course, but I wouldn’t say no to the company of such a lovely lady as yourself on my long journey home,” he said with a winsome smile.

Caitlyn rolled her eyes. “Your flattery is...flattering. But I really must be getting home, I’ve got work to finish. Please don’t take any more shortcuts.”

“For your information, I didn’t. They dragged me in here. But, have it your way. I’ll catch ya later.” And with that, he was off. Caitlyn watched him for just a moment before heading in the opposite direction. She really did have work to finish.

(Looking for more? You're in the wrong place. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fh4m3gFTj_zXBuy10SkpednAuAYbOS1n2sUnHalhjTM/edit))

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He is not nice enough and wayy too arrogant to be gay, and Lux is too nice for him.

I dunno about 'nice'. But she's definitely too good for him.

I say go for it, as in my head, Caitlyn and Ez are somehow together in some way (friends/good friends/more).

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I say go for it. Would be interesting to read something that doesn't say Ezreal is gay.

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Please post

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Would be interesting to see Ez x Cait

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This is pretty great

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I'm guessing this is when they are very young. I guess it would make sense given that Caitlyn is eating Fruity-Os (loved that part)

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I like it.

I want more of it.


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It's been updated!