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New Dominion mode?

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Lethal stoner

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All of those are easily done, hell the only large speed boost in WoW that doesn't make you drop the flag is the Speed Boots pickup. But the map is fairly large and no single class ability aside from Rogue double sprint lets you cross the field in an extremely short amount of time. Then again, I did stop playing WoW in early Cataclysm and Gulch sometime in WotLK.

The map would have to be fairly large, and map-wide movements should either drop the flag or be unusable. Shen, Pantheon, Teleport all be disabled or make you drop the flag and get a debuff that makes you unable to pick the flag back up for 10 seconds. Also Zhonya's Hourglass should drop the flag.

But I think leaps and such should at least still be usable or let you retain the flag. Stuff like Jax leap isn't very long range, Akali leap is only on hostile enemies, Katarina leap could be a problem if she gets assists/kills and the stars align and her team is spread out between the bases.

But with a CTF map brings a whole bunch of other problems, like Income, leveling process, item buying, creeps, early-game, mid-game, late-game champions and such. Maybe a psuedo-jungle could be worked in with some neutral creeps that net a decent amount of xp and gold, but flag carriers would need to be displayed on the minimap or something so it's not like playing hide-and-seek. Maybe 15 seconds after picking up the flag have your position displayed on the minimap or something.

or lets say every 10? 15 sec ping where that player is ofc hell be moving but u get a general sense of direction