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How can i be a better APC Sona?

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Lol, no im not a low level, im level 28. I've decided to play some more games as AP Sona, its been going well, Especially if i can build some ability based items just as Deathfire Grasp to get some easy damage out!

Anything below level 30 is low level, by the way. Please don't be one of those that thinks that because it took you several weeks to get to level 30 you're ready for ranked play. Most level 30's are still "low level."

You'll realize as we all did that the game becomes much more different once you hit level 30, as this is where the vast majority of people are. The most skill variation exists at level 30. Levels 1-29 consist of either: A) New players leveling their first account, these will vary by intelligence but all lack experience with the mechanics of the game and familiarity with champions. B) Smurf accounts of players who outshine most others they're playing against, these are the players that dominate the map (A small advantage in skill leads to massive discrepancies in KDR, usually). C) Smurf accounts of sub-par level 30's - these are the mid-level skilled players. They know the champions and game-mechanics, but they often are missing vital skills such as map awareness or game awareness. Three (maybe four considering how much A can sorta vary by previous experience with MOBAs/other games and age/intelligence) different skill groups, very distinct. Level 30 consists of an entire range of skill from horrible players to incredibly skilled players. The ELO system does a reasonably good job of separating players by skill but it is severely flawed (though it is the best system we can come up with, all things considered), and therefore you'll run into all types.

This post is to get at least one person to realize that hitting level 30 does not mean "ranked time!" You still have a lot to learn. Especially if you think APC Sona is viable.