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Help with AP Teemo Runes

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Junior Member


Hello all,
if this is in the wrong section, I do apologize.
I thoroughly enjoy playing AP Teemo.

I have saved 16,000 IP and am wondering what runes I should buy?
My main items in game typically enhance these stats: CDR, AS, AP(really like to get high AP)
My first ability is Q, then E.
My masteries are 9-0-11

Any input is appreciated. I will provide more information if needed.


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Don't play AP Teemo.

If Teemo can establish himself as the dominant presence in top lane he can easily snow ball into a skirmisher role where the enemy team finds themselves all but unable to oppose his pushes without getting pushed somewhere else.

If he can't Teemo still makes for a competent team fighter provided he knows how to position himself and his mushrooms. Making it impossible for the enemy team to disengage from team fights is still a very good fallback to have.

Unfortunately neither of these builds work with AP purist builds. Typically you either build Teemo pure AD, as a hybrid, or in a goofy AS + on hit build.