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Indisputable explanation as to why TT is broken, I challenge you to prove me wrong

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Maybe you just need a disguise?

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when they pull minions into lazer, they get no gold.
SOLUTION : step 1. farm jungle, get full builds
Step 2. get dragon buff for 18% damage
Step 3. get red buff on an autoattacker
Step 4. kill them on their tower with your 18% damage buff and much better items.

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Here is a reason why I think u are wrong to say the turtling that is possible sometimes on 3v3 is unfair.

In 3v3 compared to 5v5 there are only limited ways to come back from a disadvantage in gold, and because the map is so small and the turrets are so close to each other, in mid to late game an ace at any time can basically end the game, if you change the position of the last turret to make it like SR i feel that the team with the lead will prob win 90 to 95 % of the time with almost no chance of a comeback. As a matter of fact seeing as how there is really only the one tower as opposed to 2 once you take out the 2 inhibitors which btw is much easier than in SR you prob wouldnt even have to push much at all to take the last turret, so the team with the advantage can just be passive farm jungle get buffs and wait for the turret to get to half health by way of minions. I dont think riot intended for it to be possible for minions to win the game without much difficulty.

On another note turtling dosent happen as often as you make it seem.

LOL is not all about skill, it is a lot about decision makin as im sure you know, if a team with a lower skill level makes a decision that allows them to win the game that is good on them. I dont believe the laser position relative to the tower leads to a bug, i believe it leads to an aspect of the game that has to accounted for and counter strategised for.