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How to build Anivia

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Here's how I build Anivia:

1. Boots + 3 pots
2. Chalice or Tear + (wards/pots)
3. Tear or Chalice (whichever you didn't get in 2) + (wards/pots)
4. Rod of Ages
5. Sorc. Shoes
6. Rabadons
7. Warmogs
8. Athenes
9. AA staff.

Btw, if you ever get to #9 you should ask yourself why you haven't won the game already. (takes around 18.6k depending upon how much you ward and potions you buy, etc...)

I generally max this build around the 40 min mark if I'm getting fed, and around the 45-50 min mark if I"m not and I'm just farming. As Anivia I generally average 10 cs/min when I'm playing well.


Thoughts? Does this seem like a good method? I've generally developed this build from watching Froggen play and built upon his style into this format.

The build is very late game centric and you are lacking in ability power for most of the laning phase. However, anivia's base dmg's are so high that ability power is pretty much unnecessary. Warmogs + RoA = about 3.5k health, and with your egg you're essentially a tank. The build maxes out with ability power just over 700 I believe.

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Its a fairly good end game build, but your early game is lacking.

RoA in the midgame means its not fully stacked until the super late game.

Picking up a Chalice, Tear, & Catalyst is kind of redudant, yes Anivia is one of the most mana intensive champions in league but the fact that you should also be getting blue buffs makes it pointless to go for all 3.

My typical build is Boots3 -> Tear -> Giants belt + Sorc Shoes -> Deathcap -> Void Staff -> Warmogs -> Abysal -> AA.

Of course just about anything AP/HP related does work on Anivia.