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What makes you rage in the game?

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Katarina PENTA

Senior Member


Hello, I am a tryhard, (not on this smurf), and whenever I play, I give it my all. I cs very well, i watch map very well, i read chat very well, i think of every champ combination very well, i think of possibilities very well, i think ahead items very well. in other words, i try super hard to win every game. i look at summoner spells, i look at opponents stats knowing what runes or masteries they got.

but then, i get a team, who does none of these things. and wastes my hard work and time on the game.

a waste of at least 20 minutes, every game. where the enemy team just destroys you, because they're fed, or your team is afking or dced, and there's nothing you can do.

now this wouldn't be a problem if the enemy team sucked, and you could carry it.

but most of the times, the enemy team is worse than you, but not worse enough that you can take advantage of them with lesser numbers.

as a player who strives to be rewarded for trying with a win, or at least shown how he could've played better by getting outplayed, having bad teammates falls under neither of these situations.

by having feeders or afkers, i don't get outplayed, and i don't win. i am merely being granted an unfair situation that is impossible to win unless the enemy does something EXTREMELY stupid.

i gain nothing, i waste my time, i learn nothing, and i don't have fun.

you might go tell me to go ranked, but it's hard to get to ahigh elo in ranked thus far. i'm 1400 on my main, but it's just luck every game.

you can be csing super hard one game and trying to carry and still lose despite doing evreything correctly (warding, predicting, stealing baron for your team).

and there are games where you win super hard because the enemy team has feeders, so you don't really try to cs or give it your all, and yet you still win.

i understand, there is no freaking way that riot can prevent instances from hapening guaranteed. these ppl are everywhere and they can keep making new accounts to troll other people.

also, just to clarify, by playing a champ you don't know very well in queue with other ppl, you ARE TROLLING your team.

if you want to get better at a champ, go look up a high elo play of that champ, read guides, and learn its mechanics IN BOT mode. There's no difference between learning positioning frmo bot mode than from REAL mode. Because, it's the same FREAKING map.

you don't just get good by failing 100 times and making others suffer. You get better by PRACTICING.

if you're not good at csing with a champ, don't just give your bad CS in a real game and make your team suffer and lose. don't practice in real games, practice in a bot game, THERES NO DIFFERENCE.

go practice in bot mode or something, i mean it's such a basic skill. if you can cs with one champ, all you need to do is learn the attack animation for other champs. it's not like you even start over.

however, if you're learning how to zone your opponent, go practice in a real game, ONLY ONCE You mastered csing.

if you can cs, you're not gonna screw your team over.

and the biggest excuse ppl make is, but i want to play with real people because bot mode can only do so much.

problem with that is, everyone else is just "practicing" in that queue as well. therefore, you get zero experience with mastering that champ, unless you play that champ 10000x times and eventually find good players who test your skill.

i think advanced players who have practiced this game well, should not have to deal with players who are trying to practice this game.

i'm an advanced player, and i practice too, but i practice at a higher level, not practice the basics that everyone can already get good at it with custom mode or bot mode. i try to learn champion lane match-ups in actual games, not see which team more lucky and has ppl who even have a single idea what their champ does.

every game, these "practicing players" are the one's costing the good players the game. the good player is enraged, because it happens too often, by too many people, and the practicing player is usually a **** and rages and cusses back and trolls him with taunts.

then the good player gets banned. ironically.

this is a huge issue in the game. riot. if you won't admit its a problem, you're either blind or you've forsaken your common sense.

TL;dr the good player has a right to be frustrated and angry with the SO CALLED "casual, practicing player". it is a waste of time, energy, hard work to play with trolls. if these trolls want to troll around, or practice the basic mechanics, they should go do that in an easy mode or bot mode, or custom mode, not in solo queue where otheres give a **** about winning and improving.