Good way to solve lane-holding problem.

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Just to let you know as it might be puzzling to suggest an idea who played little, I am the one who have been playing LoL in Korea(summoner's name is Prolong). So, I had to make new account of North America to offer this idea.

I recently saw a thread saying "Considering nerfing Tough Skin and Indomitable for the sake of lane-holding problem".( I have been concerned about the problem(and I don't like to be on the top lane.) After a bit of thinking, a good idea popped out of my head. Currently, a player can hold the lane without harsh cost by keeping enemy's minion outside of the turret's attack range. The thing is minions that should have been attacked by turret is held out of the turret's attack range. So, my idea, which might solve the problem, is to make an aura that strengthens the minions on the lane near ally's turret.(which must OUTRANGE turret's attack range to be valid.) Then, minions near enemy's turret(but out of the turrent's attack range.) will be relatively weaker than the ones near ally's turret, making the lane more easy to reset; similar mechanism as turret kills minions, and the lane goes back to the neutral position except it's not the turret but minions doing the thing. It will be effective as it could practically increase turret's range-or to name it, influence range- only for minions(meaning that players have less control of holding lane). It will be awesome for the balance team as well because it could give the balance team some rooms to decide to what extent players have control of the lane; by varying aura's range and the attack damage(or defence or movement speed) given to minion's near turret.

Hoping some feedbacks

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Freezing the lane is a tactic on its own. If you don't know how to freeze a lane, or how to unfreeze a lane, then you have some things to learn.