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my problem hasn't even been addressed before..
my store page shows a blank and when I log in I can play and all just fine and I can change my loadouts and what not.
but the issue lies within a spinning loading circle on the mainpage (post log)
and (again to say) the store page being completely black.
I posted in the forums for help but with so much spam and the search being down I can't find my post after 60 something pages...
so I figured I would throw it here.
I also sent in a report via the game preferences...
I know you guys don't do help on the weekends because this is your job and all.
but I figure it's something wrong with the code?
as in it's not loading whatever you have it set to from some server or is just not receiving the data or whatever.

thanks a lot

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In Last 2 games I've got "Unknown error" at champion select screen (Ranked - Solo - 5vs5).
Tried to boot modem, restart game couple of times, restart computer - didn't help.
And now I get same error right after I log in.

This is what error says:

Not sure what files I must attach to this. Attached Game logs + some air logs. If you need more -tell me.


Edit: **** spoilers are not working :F

I got the same problem with the same message shown in above.

However, it would appear in several situation, such as at the login screen, at the lobby but the screen just freeze for logging onto chat service, etc.

But you may aware that the Second attachment in the list, that is a login successful event.

I hope that the logs are helpful for supporting team to solve the problems.

Thanks a lot.

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I encountered a message that there was an error with Maestro after one of my recent games...should i be worried?

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Firstly I'd like to say there is no clear place on these forums to post suggestions about the game as a whole.

Second, I'd like to tell you that I'm quitting after four short days of playing. But I'd like you to understand why, so that hopefully the game can improve and you won't lose any more players.

The problem lies primarily with the way teams are constructed in solo play, and partially with the leveling system. To put it concisely- the current system has a tendency to throw together people of vastly different skill levels.

I am admittedly not the fastest of learners, but I am the sort of person who logs in a lot of play time. In the four days I played I logged in 30+ hours of gameplay. This resulted in me reaching level 11, but my skill level was still around that of someone at level 6 or 7. And thus I was getting tossed into games well above my skill level, with no way to go back and play those of equal skill to myself. This, in turn, resulted in much harassment by my teammates. Finally tired of putting up with all the "L3RN 2 PLAI 73H GAME, N00B!!1!!!" I decided that the system was not going to forgive me for my slow learning curve.

In fact, the system has no way of handling players such as myself. The more one attempts to practice, the higher one's level gets and the more skilled ones opponents are. Catching up is essentially impossible.

All this was despite the fact that I had chosen items runes and masteries in the most optimal fashion, having done my research on builds before I started playing. Assuming that not everyone was an optimizer, this makes the gap in skill difference even more of a problem.

To counter this, I would propose that the leveling system should be based on individual kill/death counts, at least for the most part. This allows players who do well to increase in level more quickly than those who find themselves lagging behind can indeed be left at a lower level. In fact, keeping a separate "skill level" count (separate in that it does not determine mastery points or rune availability) for the purpose of team formation, that could drop as well as rise, would be a fantastic idea.

I realize that not everyone has the same problem as I do. That being said, I would not be surprised to discover that may who quit this game after their first week or so do it because of the steep learning curve. It's a pity, too, because I really enjoyed the gameplay for the first few levels. But the system as it stands punishes slow, and I would venture to say even average learners, who want to play the game for fun rather than for the sake of competition. I hope this feedback can make a positive change in the game.

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El Destajador

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Hola, staff, no se si es normale que cuando habro el Launcher del juego, en el estado del mismo, me diga unaviable. Desde hoy a la tarde deseo jugar y no eh podido ingresar al juego 1 ves. Podrian decirme cual es el problema o lo q ahi q hacer. muchisimas gracias.

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LV99 jolteon

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i can not find my lol-cb3.game_p file. and i dont want to reinstaill this game for the 4th time. how do i fix this?

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i have 1 problem with my acc if i log in netcafei see summoner name Palinakos if i log from my home i see KingOfTheDarknes.I have play more with Palinakos is 7lvl and + i have some friends add. can we reset the acc to palinakos? and why i can see 2 differed names in 1 acc?

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tell us to search for post before posting... which is gay when search function is disabled.... please address

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when the dowload page will be fixed?

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Nii san

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Hello i have a problem with my account, before the release of the season one i was owned champions like: (Cho'Gath, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Kennen, Master Yi, Olaf and Shen) but now they disappeared from my account, please help me i really want my owned champions back.