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Tips for New Players

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So you've played a few games, and you keep getting stomped....

You've played a few games and your consistently winning....

In either of these scenarios, there are a few things you can do to effectively learn how to defeat your enemies, and consistently do better with your gameplay...

Here are a few things Newbies and Elites should learn together....

1. To the right of where you spawn, is the shop, the shop contains many items, including health regen items, mana regen items, and consumable options as well...

I recommend starting out with a few mana/health potions. You want to stay in the lane consistently throughout the game. You are trying to level as much as possible...

Read the items. don't just take the games word for it that these are the items you should buy. I play Rammus consistently, and I buy maybe two out of the 6 items it recommends. I play Scion and buy one or two. Some items just make sense with a hero. I usually recommend trying different items, see how they work out for you. you might be mildly suprised at the way some of them work.

Use your recall to go back to base. it allows you to move effectively from lane to base. dont forget it can be cancelled if your attacked. I usually get teleport as well. I will use it to teleport back to the front, and generally will minimize the amount of time I stay off lane. Teleport is one of the best features. I usually will teleport behind the line where your enemy can see. This gives them the illusion that you are not there.

Teleport is also nice for when an enemy team is 3v1 on a lane, you can teleport to the tower there, might save a tower or even start a countergank. I would say teleport is one of the best beginning spells you can get.

Additionally, Teleport is great for farming, Lets say you have the money for three sections of an item, but you need that last bit, but you've already pushed your lane! What do you do? I like to personally recall back to base, buy those last few items, then teleport to Another lane and use my new items to farm more effectively. You'll spend a total of maybe 10 15 seconds off the lane.

2. Last hit. Do not openly attack the enemy creeps. This pushes your creeps into their tower, keeps their hero under their tower, and keeps you from being able to effectively harass and kill some of the ranged creeps that are underneath the tower.

When attacking, it should only take you one hit to effectively kill an enemy minion. This will keep you close to your tower, and allows for your teammates to sneak behind the enemy via the river in the center for better ganking ability... It also sets you up to better farm the enemy and earn more gold.

3. The minimap... WATCH THE MINIMAP. It displays the picture of the enemy heroes,and gives their general location. If you don't see them, be prepared, back up slightly, watch the lane, stop attacking creeps, let them push back to your tower... This will keep ganking heroes from effectively being able to surprise you... Also use it to ping heroes. When you press Alt and left click a hero, it will attached a little position to him. Whenever he appears on the map, you will know. I use this with any hero that i am about to gank to make sure that I know when he is backing, and let my fellow teammates know which EXACT hero we are ganking. you want to focus on one hero at a time, 2 heroes focusing on one hero to kill is much faster if you both know who your aiming for.

4. Grass. The grass in this game allows you to effectively go "invisible". On the top left and the bottom right of the map, is a strip of grass that is great for hiding inside and waiting for enemy heroes to walk by. Be aware, if your enemy uses this against you, I generally walk slightly into the grass at the beginning of the minion waves, to see if there is anyone in the grass. Its a great way to keep you from getting ganked, and for ganking if they aren't paying attention..

Some great grass locations is top left in the river there is some patches of grass that you can sneak an attack from. Same with the bottom right. The middle section is especially weak against this as both sides have grass on them, and you can attack from either one.

Grass juking. You turn effectively invisible inside the grass until the enemy is in the grass themselves. I like to use the grass sections of the map, as places to turn around, and keep them guessing. Running into the middle section on the top left and the bottom right and middle right and middle left allows you to use multiple layers of grass to switch direction, distort the hero AND TO KEEP THEM FROM BEING ABLE TO EFFECTIVELY USE THEIR SPELLS AGAINST YOU. You can't cast on what you can't see.... This also gives your fellow heroes a chance to effectively countergank and defeat the ganking enemy heroes.

5. Towers... I use the towers as hero killers throughout much of the game. Late game, when a hero is with the other heroes, standing next to your tower and getting them to cast any type of spell on your results in the tower immediately attacking them. Rammus's taunt is the most effective as you can "pull" the enemy hero straight into the tower, and he will generally take one to two hits from the tower. Many enemy heroes will stand there and attack the tower until one or two minions are left then back off. Don't let them,. Stun or if you have an aoe attack such as cho-gaths spikes, kill the minions and slow the hero. many times it will result in a kill for you.

6. Heroes. Learn the spells, read them, effectively for the next few weeks, you are a student. Watch others, read guides, learn to listen to fellow players, if they look like they know what they are doing, they probably do. You don't just want to know how your hero works. You want to know how other heroes work as well, so that you can effective know what items you'll need, what attempts on you they will try, what you can do against them, and what will be ineffective.

I like pendragons introduction to the game. Here are a few more things I wanted to point out to the newbies out there.

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Most important rule in the game for newbies (under level 30): Stay AWAY from enemy towers if there aren't minions to take the hits for you.

People only break this rule when they greedy.

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As a 'new' (level 27) player I would add:

Do not get kited for the gank. Don't worry about chasing down a retreating champion. It is better to keep farming creeps and ensure you stay alive rather than chasing down someone you might get a kill on. This was a hard lesson for me to learn since it only seems natural to go for the kill.