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AD Carry Help :)

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E Vons



-First time AD Carry-
1) What is my job as an AD Carry?
2) Who are some good AD Carries?
3) How should an AD carry play, Passive or aggressive?

If there is anything else you feel I should know please add it in.
Thank you in Advance!

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Senior Member


1.) This may or may not be correct. but..an AD Carry for me is to take down the enemies carries / magers, etc. and trying to stay alive. It always isn't easy.. Positioning is a key also.

2.) To me - Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Draven

3.) It depends on the situation, are you talking about beginning, mid-game, or end?
Beginning - It depends who you're laning with on bottom and who you're up against.
Mid - I usually start to play really agressive mid-game on my carries. but I also position so I won't die stupidly.
End - Basically, I sit behind everyone, kinda far. until action starts and I go in, do my job ( if possible) and get out. It always isn't easy though. Like for example, a Singed chasing after you isn't fun. or an anti-carry such as Olaf.

I always start with boots + pots on my carries. 2 Dorans and Infinity Edge. The rest of items are situational.
and go Armor Yellow, MR per lvl blues/flat MR, Flat Health OR Armor Pen Quints, Flat AD Reds/Armor Pen.

Summoners : Flash + Ignite... sometimes Flash + heal if I'm feeling nooby.

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1. Your job is to stay alive through fights and dump damage onto whoever is closest to you. Often you wont be able to get close enough to the enemy carries without endangering yourself. Positioning isnt just key, its EVERYTHING.

2.Ad carries are different. Here they are, and a brief description.

Ashe-Really easy to pick up and play, smooth autoattack animation making farming easy. Huge slow, and amazing initiate. But, rather squishy, no escape, and no damage steroid (increased autoattack damage, or attack speed).

Caitlyn- Another easy to learn, beginner AD. Her long attack range makes lane easy for her. Her traps give good utility and once learned make a good CC. Her escape is smallest of all AD's that have them, and again, no damage steroid.

Corki- Probably one of the strongest AD's in current Meta. Has passive true damage on attacks, has an escape, good burst damage ability in Q, utility with the armor shred on E, good poke with R and ability to spam, and thus take Tri-force. Only downside is slightly shorter range on Auto's My Main right now.

Draven- Has highest potential DPS out of all AD's, but this is never reached because catching his axes during the whole team fight is just unreasonable. Has good steriod, no escape, or hard cc really. Very fun, but VERY challenging.

Ezreal- Has low range, very squishy and reliant on skillshots. BUT when learned and played properly is insanely strong. Has huge kite potential, and great dueling due to his W debuff.

Graves- Huge up front burst, great passive to make pretty tanky as far as AD's go. Small escape, Smoke Cloud is AMAZING utility and in lower ELO is super under appreciated. Very strong, and simple to get the hang of.

Kog Maw- Very weak early game. But has some of the best late game damage potential through his %health damage steroid. No escape, but can stay alive pretty easily until he reaches an unstoppable point.

Miss Fortune- Strong early, because of Movespeed passive, can trade very well with that and Q early. Ulti across a team fight can do insane damage. W gives heal debuff making her an awesome duelist. Very strong damage output but no escape.

Sivir- Very under appreciated, and not popular in current meta. But her spell shield is very good utility, W and Q make pushing very easy and fast. Also gives decent AOE damage in teamfights. No escape is really only problem in my eyes.

Tristana- Very strong early with good burst and DPS/heal debuff on E. weak mid game, and arguably the strongest 6 item AD carry. Her Attack speed steroid on Q is NUTS and her range gets to be very good by late game.

Varus- I dislike him, he's very situational, and doesnt synergize well with many supports. Good poke combo with Q,E and ulti is okay, but because he's outranged by most champs its somewhat useless unless follow up CC is coming.

Vayne- Lane phase is hell, but if you survive you will carry your team to victory. Every 3 attacks is true damage, I mean, c'mon. Has amazing kite with movement speed, Q and E. But very hard to position correctly.

3. Really figure it out for yourself. Get the experience with different characters in different matchups. For instance, I know Kog is weak in lane, but I play him very aggressive depending on my support. So its really up to you.

Good luck man, I hope you love Ad like i do.

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1) As an AD Carry, your job is to have a good early game so you can get fed and carry your team late game. You will be the best person on your team at knocking down turrets and very good at killing enemy champions as well. The best thing to do is focus on last-hitting minions. This should be your order of priority during the laning phase: don't die, last hit minions, get kills, kill turret.

2) Some of the most popular AD Carries in high ranked play and tournaments have been Corki, Graves, Kog'maw, Ezreal, Tristana, and Ashe.

3) Whether you play passive or aggressive depends on a few things: your champion, your support partner, your jungler buddy, and the enemy team. If your support is not warding, play passive, period. Nothing else matters. If you don't have enough wards up around bottom lane, you can't overextend without putting yourself at risk of being ganked by the enemy jungler. If your jungler is kind of passive or has to help out mid and top a lot more, but your support has warded well and is playing aggressive, then you should also play aggressive. However if your jungler is hanging out near your lane, hang back a bit. Let the enemy overextend away from their turret so your jungler can help your lane with a gank.

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Others have answered the first two questions, however I sort of have a different take on #3.

3. AD Carries should typically be matched with a strong support such as Taric, Alistair, Volibear, Singed, or Soraka. Thus, ADC's should play aggressive when matched with such champions. The key to ADC's is to stay alive and harass the **** out of bot lane early game. After bot tower is destroyed your job is once again, stay alive for team fights and take out the opposing support/adc/and mid champion (not in this particular order). As others have stated, most ADC's are pretty squishy because their only job is to build damage. Hope this helps.