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Jungling Right Or Wrong?

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So I have been jungling for my team lately and am trying my best to excel at the role seeing how I will be maining the role for all team games next season. So far here's what I have theorized for my position:

1) Success for junglers (and everyone for that matter) relies heavily on map control (warding). In that respect, top needs to ward the river brush, and the intersection brush at the enemies jungle entrance. Mid needs to ward both sides of their river. Support needs to ward (at very least, though when I support I do both side brush) the river brush, dragon, and the enemy blue. The jungler needs to ward the enemy red buff and focus wards at own jungle entrance. This ensures vital map control to both aid the jungler in counter-jungling and aid the lanes in not getting gankes by keeping control on the enemy team, especially their jungler. This also ensures that you can prevent the enemy jungler from counter jungling by being able to see them enter your jungle.

2) Ganking is just as much the lanes responsibility as the junglers. I have found that when I solo queue often times the lanes are losing due to overextending (being the biggest reason) and just plain lack of skill and lack of proper ward control. Some may argue, but as a very successful support, if the support is doing their job they will have two GP10 items by second back while still buying 4-5 wards per back to keep the map controlled. If your bot lane isnt getting kills (the support getting the assist) then you are doing something wrong and need to figure some things out. A jungler cannot gank if the lane he is ganking for is unresponsive. If I am sitting in the brush, and ping the enemy I am going for, give it a couple seconds for the lane to get in position then I go in and the lane backs out and I die, why would I gank for you again? The lanes need to realize they have to help the ganks for them to be successful.

3) A jungler can't simply gank non-stop unless the enemy team is just pitiful. Unless I am getting assist after assist after assist due to every gank being successful, then I cannot just simply go between lanes trying to gank constantly or I will fall WAY too far behind. A Jungler HAS to hit his jungle and get his CS in there, and also by holding lanes while the laner backs. Rarely ever is every single gank going to result in a kill, so it is easy for the jungler to fall off.

Those are a few things I have come up with in my time jungling, thoughts and suggestions please. Also any advice from fellow junglers is much appreciated!