"This sucks" button (Ranked Addition)

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I was pondering what could be added to ranked solo/duo ques to help with the leaving issues (Obviously not 5v5).

Since probably about 80% of the people who leave do it because they feel there team comp sucks or they are playing a spot they aren't good at, why not add a button. What i like to call "This sucks" button.

Instead of leaving a que because you think your going to lose, add a button that when clicked (and confirmed) your elo will only drop half as much as it normally would of if you lost the match. The same goes for winning of course to prevent abuse. This way it would be better to stay and play the match then it would be to leave. Assuming your team isnt full of "I never surrender" trolls.

This would be per-player change, not the whole team. But maybe have an option that when someone activates this it notifies the whole team as well in the chat or something so they are aware. Maybe not though....might cause some negative thinking before the game even starts.

So, good idea or not?