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How to win.

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Greyford Godlike

Senior Member


Status: 15/01/2011

I have summed up some "rules" which might help you to stand a chance to win.

This might be interesting for newbies mainly, but never the less there are so many people played hundreds of games and still didn't get the basic principle.

I don't want to put myself as "THE ONE" or something, but in my opinion these points are the key for having the "victory screen".


#1 Use common sense. Try to take an initiative if there is one.

#2 Do not chase through whole map, try to avoid traps.

#3 Try to value situations.

#4 Try to keep your enemies' summoner spells in mind.

#5 Do not be a statjunkie! Having 0 deaths does not make you special or pro, it just shows that either your enemies were total noobs or you stood back all the time letting your team 4v5.

#6 If you are not full premade, communicate with your team via pinging:
• ping when you are up for a gank
• ping if you think a teammate could be in danger
• ping the carry(s) if you see that your team does not focus those themselves
Also try to involve your "random" teammates, when you premade as 2/3/4, this is a 5v5 game not, 2+3v4+1 or something like that.

#7 Try to have yourself being lead by the tank, if he engages help him and focus the squishies, otherwise your enemies will get freekills, your team won't get any and your tank will be freaking frustrated.

#8 Have in mind what you are going to buy next and try to calculate prices, if you are missing some gold try to get that+90/180/270 for wards, especially for snowball items it is annoying when you notice you are missing 100gold when you already are in base. BUT don't be too risky and don't roam around lowhealth farming 500 gold missing, while your team towerhugs 4v5 minutes long and finally gets dove.

#9 Don't underestimate a 4v5, in nearly any cases it ends zero~one for four..
4v5 is viable in most cases, but you need to play defensive and have an acceptable setup. Don't initiate a 4v5, you always will be the loser, if someone pushes, is unavailable or dead, play defensive, towerhug, kill creeps, kite enemies and make them fear to towerdive. The person who is missing is not(!) responsible when his team is that dumb and rambos a 4v5 clash..

#10 Try to not bring your whole team in trouble by doing risky, dumb or unnecessary moves, your team will be left 4v5 which is a huge disadvantage and could lead to either being aced or having several towers/inhibs/baron down.
Even worse when your team is that loyal and tries to help you, ending up in being aced or left even less than 4v5.

#11 Manacontrol is important, especially in laning phase. If you have manareg runes and masteries you do not need Clarity on ANY champion. Always calculate your mana and save some for escaping or clashing.

Team Setup

#1 A team needs a balanced setup, mostly the core goes with 1tank 1support 1magical dd 1physical dd. This means you should not(!) lock in instantly and try to be flexible to fit your team the best you can.

#2 Think as a teamplayer, pick claivoyance/ fortify/ heal/ clarity/ exhaust if you do not absolutly need your 2nd summoner spell slot.

#3 A team needs a healthy amount of crowd controls.

Lane Setup

#1 Midlane is most important, it mostly decides how your midgame will be going. Try to have a ranged dps or at least very good caster in mid, which has really good burst "range" damage, to creep well, to stand a chance in 1on1 solomid and to achieve awesome doublekill-ganks on sidelane.

#2 A Jungler always is excellent for having a good early/mid, but you as team need to protect and help him out sometimes. The jungler himself needs to pay attention highly, aside he should
• be experienced in jungling
• place wards to avoid being ganked
• always have an eye on drake, and do him as early as the game allows it
• gank early, announce ganks and consider enemies' summoner spells wisely

#3 Linked to having a jungler, there will be a sololane, try to have a solid champion* there, who can farm well, even if he is harassed hard. A tank or melee carry on sololane can work out, but against a competive lane they will end up with 0 creepkills because they towerhugged the whole time, untill their tower dropped at minute 6, this is bad for them and horrible for their team, those two laned against the sololane are well farmed as well.
*Malphite, Nidalee, Vladimir, Sion, Anivia, Akali, Cho'Gath, Gragas, Garen, Kennen, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Nasus, Shen

#4 Try to avoid lane setups like: Tank+Tank; Ranged DD + Ranged DD, even if you are premade, try to build healthy lane setups, which cannot be countered that easily. Having two melees, who do not have a charge, nor good lane survivability, are so easy when you face them as ranged dps + ?. You can farm awesome well and kite tower down like crazy.

#5 Swap lanes, if you see that it totally does not work this way. Note!!: Do this BEFORE you fed the lane 5-0.

Map Awareness

#1 You simply need a decent amount of wards placed on the map to have enough map awareness. Of course this should not and cannot be the job of one person. Everybody(!) should take part in buying wards,
but in my opinion supporters and tanks, especially with a good farm and some kills should help their carries by buying some more wards, so their carries can invest more money in items to carry them. I know there are many different opinions about sharing of wardprices, but these are my personal thoughts, if you have an other opinion that's fine also, as long as you win games by "having maphack on".
Aside especially junglers should place wards during laning phase. ( check stonewall008's video advice for that (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-9BtgUQF6U#t=1m35s)) They have free movement over the map, so the enemies can expect less where he placed a ward than where a laner placed a ward. Never the less laners should buy ward(s) after the first blue pill, if they have enough money, placing them on the river crossroads (drake/golem, baron/golem) or in the gankbushes.

#2 Ward and scout if enemies have a jungler.

#3 Teamplay is most important, if someone pings or needs help, leave your lane immediately and go there to help out, don't finish the creepwave and let your teammate die.

#4 Always have an eye on the minimap.

#5 Have an eye on warded spots and ping if an enemy crosses there, just to alert your team.

#6 Add champion name in your misscall, like "miss ashe".
If you just write "miss", people need to check which champion you play, on which lane you are and which champion(s) lane against you to guess who misses.

#7 Use improved Clairvoyance wisely and often, it is really good to control enemy jungler in laning phase. Later on you can use it for checking bushes, protecting and providing ganks. A good feature of CV is that you can give vision on bushes and over walls, so you and your teammates can hit skillshots or target enemies.


###Check out Stonewall008's tips for jungling### (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=304084)

#1 Do drake everytime there is the possibility. Same goes for buffs. But be careful with dragon, of course your enemies do not want you to have it for free, in early-mid game you only should do it after you killed some enemies from mid-/ botlane or you are all together and can stand them when you come for fighting for dragon. Remember to make sure that dragon is not warded when you could be an easy kill if they catch you at dragon.

#2 Porting back after you have done a buff sometimes is a waste of 30 seconds of the buff, doing buffs after you won a clash of course is an other story, because you would not need this buff in the next 30 seconds anyway, your enemies are dead. But in some cases you should rather first port back and do the buff afterwards, or give the buff to someone else who needs as much as you or maybe even more.

#3 You won a clash, pushed a tower and have some time left afterwards, steal their buffs!

#4 When you see that enemy team is spread, e.g. two pushing bot, maybe even one dead, then go for baron. Many people overestimate the amount of time they need for baron doing him with 5, and underestimate how gamebreaking the buff itself is. Aside there is the dragon-baron trade: You have dragon warded and see enemies going for it? Go for baron. In many cases they won't reach you before you are done, or they won't even notice.

#5 Estimate who needs the buffs most, in many cases your midlane ranged dps is much more effective with red than you as jungler are, in many cases your mid-/ toplane tank/ ap carry is much more effective with blue than you as jungler are.
Blue buff is increasing Energyreg. from 50/5sec to 65/5sec, personally I rather give blue buff to someone with mana when jungling as Shen or Akali.

Do your job!

#1 Tanks need to lead the group and open the fight, ccing the hardest(most fed) dd.

#2 If you are grouped all together and everybody has acceptable hp/mana and an enemy appears somewhere at the other end of the map, your tank needs to open this 4v5!

#3 Do not use saving Ultis like Zilean, Kayle, Shen on tanks. Save them for your dds!

#4 Do not focus tanks or chase supporters, always go straight for the dds/ supporters (if you can easily reach and rush them down)

#5 Always control your mana, do not use that much that you don't have enough left for your ultimate or other important skills.

#6 Pick Smite as jungler, there are some champions which can jungle without smite and smite loses effectivness from midgame on, but you need it to jungle faster, steal buffs, end buffs, end drake,..

#7 Your carries should take big creep waves and push lanes, some tanks who can push fast can do this as well, but please do not push lanes as Janna or Soraka. In some cases it is viable to take down a tower while there is a 4v5 somewhere at your tower, just tell your team to stay defensive and towerhug, it will pay off. If they dive your team 4v5 start running to that lane, you mostly will be able to catch some lowhps, especially in midgame where towerdive really hurts.

#8 Try to give kills to your damage dealers, if it's a save kill stop attacking when the enemy is low on HP.

#9 As midlaner you have to carry your team in midgame, so don't play too tanky. Buy burst items, maybe even Mejais/ Occult and show your team that you are worthy of having level advantage.

Have a good start

#1 Pick flat hp quints to be halfway tough against harassment. As carry (especially midlane carry) you should pick apen/mpen/flat ap, but you have to play carefully, if you are not able to make head against your opponent(s) pick flat health.

#2 Buy a doran's item or ruby crystal first, especially if you do not have hp runes. There are some champions e.g. Tryndamere which rather go for nonhp items, but for most champions a doran's is best to start with.

#3 Use manareg/5 instead of ap, you can use your skills more often for creeping, means you have more gold, means you can buy ap and probably reach the same amount as with ap runes.

#4 Don't underestimate your enemies and creepdamage, if you chase someone on level 3 creeps will drain you like 200hp.

#5 If you die once, stay calm and try to take it easy, if you rage you will die again, and again and be out the game really fast.

#6 If your lane setup allows it, outlevel your enemies by forcing them to towerhug by harassing them hardly. Stand between them and their creeps, only lasthit their creeps, so they will be outleveled and hardly outfarmed.

I will probably add some more over the time.
Feel free to suggest some new ones on your own or to discuss about mine.


*I might bump this often, not to get attention, but to make people read this and improve their play.

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The MythStalker

Senior Member



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Greyford Godlike

Senior Member


The MythStalker:


Well Janna is pretty balanced now.
But there are many people who don't know how to fight her.

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Go go map awareness!

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The MythStalker

Senior Member


Go go map awareness!

Ah, after 10,000 bans I'm free! Time to conquer noobs!

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ap = dps

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Lima Beans

Core Engineer


informative post, thanks!

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Greyford Godlike

Senior Member


Nice to hear Lima Beans. (:

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...or you can always "Spin to Win" (c)

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Senior Member


Greyford Godlike:

#1 Tanks/ Supporters needs to buy wards, so dds have more money to spend for items.

Your tank or support can't be everywhere at once!

If they are the only ones warding, they will never be able to tank or support you in team fights because they will be running all over the map trying to ward it.

EVERYONE should be buying wards. Have 90 gold left over after buying gear...? Get a ward and place it!

Wards are cheap and spending 500-600 gold during the match on wards isn't going to hurt your build as a carry as you'll actually end up with more gold in the end from more map awareness!

With everyone getting 1-2 wards each time they recall, you can keep the map completely covered instead of only being able to cover the river if it's only your tank/support buying wards.