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summoners rift survival stories!!

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ok i just had a craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy survival that i just must share which has spurred this idea to hear your survival stories too! im going to share with you what i consider to be art

both teams are at mid, enemy front turret is down, we're milling about just west of their wraith camp about 10 champion lengths away from the second middle turret. my team has baron, but we're still well behind in cs, turrets, dragons, and kills. blitzcrap hooks me over the wall from his position before the grass to enter the bottom half of the blue teams jungle. im knocked up, skarner ults me and pulls me under his turret. blitzcrank ults silencing everyone in the area (me) the rest of the enemy team ults im stunned im slowed im everything you could possibly imagine. 5 people on me, im locked under the enemy turret, im frantically spamming r and left clicking my avatar, and somehow some way i get my kayle ult off on myself!!!!!! my team pours in on the enemy team coming to my rescue as i heal myself and somehow walk away from a 5v1 under an enemy turret to the beautiful sounds of "an enemy has been slain.... TRIPLE KILL.... ACE!"

5/0 surrender victory in a come from behind game off what was seemingly a lost situation. a perfect play by the enemy blitzcrank and somehow it results in a defeat as the theyre left scratching their heads wondering what the hell just happened

share me your survival stories!!

to add icing to the cake, that was actually the third clutch kayle ult in that game resulting in team fight victories for my team who were well behind stemming from a lost bottom lane early. but now im just bragging