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calling gangplank experts

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Best build for any champ is Boots of Going Fast and 5 Red Doubleswords.

Yeah, the Boots of Going Fast! and five read double swords... I like the greatsword the BFF its like ... Boom.

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To be honest gangplank needs to be geared so much to what his enemy lane that I'd run out of words in trying to explain how to gear your runes and masteries. So here is a great guide which has all the information you need. http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=5645

This is a very informative and well laid out guide. I play Gangplank a lot and I feel the best way to play him is critplank. I've never really tried any other builds with him since I really like the way Critplank/Tankplank plays. I build him a little differently than most. I start off with boots 3 pots or brawlers gloves 1 mana, 1 health depending on who their jungler is and who their top is. I then build an avarice blade, to get my gp10s cranking. Upgrade to Ionian boots, then I go giants belt, crit cloak, finish my mogs, I usually then go Atmas, IE, and then if I'm really fed I'll build a Trinity Force. Sometimes if I need more damage early I will build a Sheen after I upgrade to tier 2 boots. I don't know if anyone else builds him that way, but for me I like the tankiness of the build as well as the crit, and the AA damage.

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critplank + sustain: try this
Rush executioners calling (crit + lifesteal)
Finish CD reduction boots
Build IE
Youmuus's Ghostblade
I've found it very useful because of the great sustain and crit chance plus the armor pen and CD of youmuu's, that means more damage and more Bullets in the knee

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No, you are ew.

Go 29% Crit Damage and 8~% Crit Chance. Start with Brawlers Gloves. Melt faces at level 1.

Or, alternatively, go straight 40% Crit Damage runes.

Seriously, as critplank, if you have over 10% crit chance, you will win every trade at top, provided you get at least one crit. Every trade.

Indeed, haha i loved the "melt faces at level 1" part
But yes i rush avarice blade (gold/5 crit chance item) or w/e its called i forgot, and rush 2 phantoms, sounds silly but farm up your inf edge, and well, gg.

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immortal rocker:
guys i need to some tricks while playing gp plus his runes setting and his masteries setting as well ill be glad if you detail it out.

please help me

(down votes buttttt)

Critplank is worstplank.
Not saying you don't buy any crit chance, but you shouldn't build squishy either.
Masteries: 0/21/9
Runes: Armor pen reds, mv speed quints, Armor yellows, crit chance blues.
Start with either boots or brawler.
Infinity Edge
Phantom dancer

Skill order for me is

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If you are not going against a really tanky top then crit plank is totaly viable. I start with the crit damage quints and then half and half the marks between crit damage and crit chance. Most the time I've been starting with boots just so I can kite after wards I get an avarice blade then sheen. After sheen I go with a zeal because that with boots and e you are moving at 400 speed for cheap. Final build with him would be trinity force,Phantom Dancer, Executioner's Calling, Atma's Impaler, Infinity edge, and Maw of Mortalius. So your basic stats will be:
AD:323 Armor: 131 Magic Resist: 103 AS: 1.538 Move Speed: 435 And don't forget now every hit is a crit strike dealing 286.6 extra damage. So each basic attack deals 925.7 damage against unarmored foes. Then remember that you have your sheen proc, your Active on executioner's calling to shut down those who will life steal hp back, your own 18% life steal, your e which boosts your move speed to somewhere in the low 500's and the chance for the phage to proc.

As long as you know what you are doing you can take gp top against a lighter oponent farm up and then become close to unstoppable.