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Twisted Fate Tips?

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Hello everyone

Awhile ago, I've decided to buy TF since he looked fun. He is super fun and is an amazing farmer and pusher. However, I've realized that it was hard killing champions at full hp. I can only KS/kill champions lower than 50% hp. I don't know if it's because I don't use runes but he seemed really underpowered.

Usually, my combo goes: W(Yellow/Red) -> Auto -> Q
And they run away with about 40% hp :$

So I was wondering - are there any strategies or tips on killing with TF?


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I Love Slurpees

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Magic Pen Reds
W.e Seals you want ( I use hp cuz he's squishy )
MR Glyphs
Flat ap Quints

Get sheen, altought im not sure if it still procs on w because it's been pretty bugged out lately. Be sure to proc your e with your gold cards for the most damage possible. Get 1 level in w, and max last. Max q first (I usually stop at level 4 because its over 200 and thats more than enough damage to farm properly and do damage), then max e afterwards.

Most important is practice your timing on w

Your combo should look something like this


Gonna take practice though