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Remix for NEW Pirate Themed Characters!!!

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Battal Razilz

Senior Member


Shouldn't the next 2 Pirates be "right hands" of Gangplank n Miss Fortune. What do you all think? And how about a little more to counter the Ninja/Martial themed characters?! X)

Gangplanks' can be a new Big semi burly big bearded lard "TANK"- Wham, The Burly Anchorman! that uses the ships chained Anchor "of Pillaging". Basic attacks- Anchor swings.
Innate: "Gimme More"-Gains a small % Health for every minion destroyed that has a CAP stack that resets after death(by 50% or w/e).
Powers: Anchor Catch!- Throws anchor that if lands on a group of targets(3-5), doing minor physical damage and brings them to you w/ an added slow effect(25-45% 2-3.5secs) for when they try to get away. It also Taunts target for 1.5 to 3 secs!!
Anchor Toss Up- Tosses anchor up to land at specific location doin' knock up, AoE moderate Physical damage and Armor% reducing all foes caught in it for a duration.
Enchanted Treasure- Flips a coin back onto himself and gets a Low Health/Mana% & Moderate Damage boost in the form of Magic damage to add to his physical attacks and abilities for 10-15 secs. Can be used with Ultimate Power too!
U]Final: Anchor Yo-yo Barrage![/U] Throws his massive long Chained Anchor spinning like chopper blades AoE Physical damage at foes back n forth from him to certain range like a yo-yo holding/suppressing all enemies caught for 2 secs max, and speeding up all allies attack speed rates around him 20% Max. It also drops the cooldowns of all his abilities by 25%(or 10-15% per champion) if it kills a champion/s.

And Miss Fortunes' can be a Lean bandanna wearing "Orlando Bloom" look alike that uses two 6-8 Inch bladed Dirks, a stabbing Dagger and has an armada of smaller knives for throwing. Basic attacks- Dirk swings.
Innate: Free Port- If no action but movement is taken by "Lando Bloomins", he can click on Innate and teleport to any ally OR safe location like "Flash" allowing him to have 2 for some player choices'.
Powers: Treasure Bash- Brings out a bag of treasure smacking his opponent in the face for minor physical damaging & Stunning target for 1(upto 3.5 secs)second and Blinding all foes (from the coin splash) around target for 1.5(upto 4 secs)seconds.
Thieves' Hidden Dagger- He stabs his target in a critical spot doin' a moderate amount of magic damage & reducing armor/magic resistance% in the process. And with a high Crit% the attack can do double damage(100% if chained -with- Treasure bash). Killing any enemy w/ this ability will drop extra gold for him and party-(maybe).
Scattered knives- Throws his small throwing knives in a cone dealing physical & magic damage and increasing attack speed rate% which stacks(up to 4-8 times % per stack). Works well using -before- Treasure bash.
Final: Dirks' delight!- Spinning elegantly slicing all foes in an AoE of moderate physical n magical damage slowing them for 20-40% & up to 3.5-4.5 secs of full duration of ability, while having a dodge at 50-60%!

3rd Character!!!(another good guy): Swashbuckling Pirate (think Johnny Dep)!! Origin Unknown! (Riot, you make this up..aint like you paying me lolz!). Using a Cutlass n Buckler for main weapons. Basic attacks- Buckler Bashes.
Innate: Bashing Buckler!- Every 3-4 basic attacks will STUN opponent for 1-1.5/2 secs.
Powers: Taunt by Elusiveness- Taunts all in circle for 1-2.5 seconds, raising Dodge by 8%-16% and dropping enemy Attack speed rates by 10-30%.
Cutlass n Buckler- Dealing both Physical n Magic damage, This ability has a 1-2 effect(mainly because you can leave it at 1st effect or press ability again to USE more mana for 2nd part effect)- Cutlass slices for really nice physical damage and speeds attack rate by 15-35% for 10-20 secs, while Buckler knocks back enemy doing magic damage also silencing them for 1.5-3 seconds!!
Watching my own back!- Allows him to activate and get a moderate movement boost which is immune to & can take off all slows effects with an added 4-8% Dodge. It also heals him a small amount!(Like Alistar's heal but only for himself n slightly weaker tier 5!)
Final: Ending all fun & games!- Pulls out his legendary Pirate Scimitar and does a pretty nice ranged wide slash that deals triple damage to 1st target and % downward to all foes it hits, dealing physical n magic damage with a 1.5-3 second-(lv. 5) STUN to ALL!

4th- Badguy(making 6-8-ish total pirate themed characters. That's fair!!))- Trap-like character. Using a Boarding Axe for weapon. Basic attacks- Boarding Axe/Tomahawk-ish type that allows for ranged throwing or up close swinging depending on distances.
Innate: Axe 'Em Down! Every 5-6 Range throwing silences for about 1 or 1.5 secs. Or Melee swing 5-6 times for Armor reduction % drop towards target for 2 to 3.5 seconds.
Powers: Crowsfoot!- Launchs caltrop everywhere in a circle doing DOTs physical & magic damage that Damage Reduction% and slows targets 15-35% for whole time they in them. Also has a 1.5 or 2 second suppression.
Hook to Grapple- Throws his grappling hook onto enemy causing physical damage, then launches himself into enemy with a dropkick causing more physical damage n knockback!
Marlin's Spike!- Up close physical damaging Attack with 30-40% Armor Penetration that has you hammer a marlin spike into your enemy dealing damage, moderate armor reduction %.
Final: Match-lock RifleShot!- A Physical & Magic Attack that hits a critical spot on it''s mark!! Dealling massive damage to 1st target and then 1/3 or 1/2 damage drop to all foes in-line of sight. It has a 100% chance to Deal Double Damage Crit to all targets in Crowsfoot!. For a duration it gives you a 15-25% damage buff!!!

Ghost Pirate King- Uses a Scythe for melee Basic attack swinging.
Innate: Leech of Life!- It leeches a minor % of mana from target to yourself every 3-4 swings.
Powers: Eye-Stopper!- Lifts eye-patch to shoot a blast that deals moderate magic damage and silences targets for 1.5-2.5 seconds.
Chest of Fear!- Opens Chest and spills out money while revealing death dealing moderate Cone Magic damage and Fearing targets for 1.5-2.5/3 seconds.
Ghost Parrot!- Sends parrot out to deal moderate physical n magic Damage, slowing target 10-30% or 15-35% for 2-4.5 seconds
Final: Soul Explosions- Self Detonates and deals High physical n magic damage to all targets in a wide circle AoE also knock backing them. Rebirths back w/ up to 66% life n mana!!!

Hi-Tech Navy man/Pirate Hunter- Uses a Marine Corps NCO Sword that does Basic Cone attacks for a nice amount of damage
Innate: Quick Stab!- Every 4-6 attacks he has pulls out his M7 Bayonet fighting knife and gains 15/20% attacks speed rate buffs for 4-8 or 6-12 seconds.
Powers: Leg Cannon!- Lifts leg and blasts a cannon that does equal moderate physical n magic damage to main target and 1 target near them knock backing both and himself!!(helps with escapes!)
Wrapped Up n Poked!- Throws net over up to 3 targets suppressing them for 2-3.5 seconds and then pressing again for slightly more mana to poke/stab right through all of them dealing moderate physical damage with a 20-25% Armor Pen. & % Armor reductions.
Energy Consume!- Deals minor Magic Damage while also healing and gaining mana by a certain moderate% at tier 5.
Final: Harpoon Cannon!!!- Shoots a Harpoon that deals High magic n physical cone damage moderate ranged also knock backing them n himself. If target are ONLY wrapped by the Net, it has a 100% Double damage Crit!!

That is all the characters IMO should be added to the Pirate/Navy/Water Themed charatcers to counter the Ninja/Martial styled themed characters! Please give solid notes. NO TROLLS please!! X)