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Champion's songs

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Tsunami Roll

Senior Member


Maybe this won't fit this thread, but I had this idea for while and just wanted to share

Not so long time ago I reinstalled Heroes of Might & Magic III and figured out that some of its music perfectly fits some of LoL factions. I know that thread is about champions but whatever.

All of the themes sown here are from Heroes of Might & Magic III (c) 3DO, and composed by Paul Anthony Romero.

Demacia - Castle Town Theme

This theme got Demacia's greatness and justice perfectly, but still near the end it goes a little sad which shows that not everything is so perfect in Demacia

Ionia - Rampant Town Theme

This one is filled with mystery and also very calming, just like Ionia feels. And just like Rampant Town it has some Eastern influence

Piltover - Tower Town Theme

Like Piltover, this theme has its feel of technology and mystery, which is Piltover to me