Ten games with the mac client.

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As I'm writing this I'm actually at Twelve games, LoL can be hard to stop playing.

Most of the client is indistinguishable from the Windows client. The Launcher is about the only major aesthetic difference. The launcher has a few bugs, as of now the links on it were not clickable. I could hit play even when the server was unavailable. Does not refresh and I don't know if there is a refresh key. It is annoying that it stays open after the game client is launched. However not as annoying as the fact that the launcher window is not tied to any icons, or even the top menu; when you click on the large L in the dock or in the command tab program list, the Launcher window does not come to the front or even switch the top menu. However the Launcher works and minimizes itself upon launching the pvp.net client making it clickable should you have to exit and re-logon.

The pvp.net client is almost identical to the windows client, aside from some font changes and bugs. The only real problems are the missing portraits in the store, and the black bar at the bottom from scaling the window down. In some chats it will automaticly jump back up to the top of chat obscuring the bottom of the chat window until you scroll it down. The worst bug is when your in game you have to make sure the pvp.net client minimizes or you might suffer quite a significant frame-rate drop. The pvp.net client has the same functionality of the windows client without with just a few more minor glitches. Only one of the pvp.net client bugs detracts from the game, but it is easily remedied by the user.

My Windows gaming experience of LoL was on a desktop with a Core 2 duo 1.9Ghz Geforce 9800 1GB of video ram and 4gb of system ram. while my late 2008 Macbook has a Core 2 duo 2Ghz, 9400M sharing 256MB with the 2GB of ram with the system and a 5400rpm drive. I play on the mac with everything set to medium and no shadows. Somewhere between wine and the lower system specs cause a drop in frame-rates more often then my desktop. I do have boot camp on my mac and have played LoL on it and the two act very similar in frame-rates and general lag. In game my frame-rates are anywhere from 20-40fps, with an infrequent pause or frame-rate drop down to 5fps. also it locks up just before it you exit the game after a game. On the plus side swaps in and out more smoothly then the windows client.
There are some bugs that can make gameplay annoying, such as the targeting arrow bug, where it is misshapen, off it's mark, or just not there. it Could make it annoying if you are using a character for the first time, but you learn to aim with the mouse and not the targeting graphic. The portrait blue portrait bug is annoying but doesn't affect actual game play.

It is hard to say, but I have been on a losing streak since using the mac client, but I also have been in places where internet connections are a bit more sketchy. also I have been playing a lot of Miss Fortune and I could just be terrible with her. so it probably has nothing to do with the mac client.

It should be said that theses are minor annoyances, that wouldn't keep me from playing the game or using the windows client over the mac. I've seen other games use Cedega that have been released and had way more bugs then the current LoL client. Some of the bugs seem inherent to using wine/cedega over native code. With the Graphics update that is in the works, I would like them to start using more universal code that can be easily compiled to make a native client for mac and linux. (but I'm not going to hold it against Riot if they don't)

Model Identifier: MacBook 5,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 9400M
Screen Size: 1280x800
Detail level: mid, No shadows, no vsync

Off topic:
I feel that I can keep true to my word, since Riot has produced a Mac client I will spend some money on riot points.
One of the most annoying things has nothing to do with the LoL client but Ventrillo for mac only supporting the Speex codec. If I can get the vent admin to switch it then my mac LoL experience will be complete.

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Thanks for the post milkytoast, i'm glad you are generally having a good experience with LoL on the Mac.

We will be fixing tons of bugs and will continue to do so going forward

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One point to note is that your desktop Windows system has MUCH better specs and will play better in game. However, much of the lag spike that you have experienced over the last week has not been due to using a Mac. It has been widespread with the patch for Windows, as well. Continue testing as you seem to have an intuitive eye for differences and you are actually posting your findings, unlike many. Thank you.

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Sorry, I should have been more clear that, I knew my Mac experience would not be of the same quality that my windows experience because of the difference in system specifications.

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I looked into the Ventrillo problem, that mac incompatible codec is owned by...wait for it...Microsoft. That is why they don't have any mac support. If i ever get a vent I will only use Speex codec instead of using what Microsoft insists on monopolizing.

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Twenty Games in, probably more than that now.

The Launcher: I noticed that it always cancels shut down. Since it is in the dock minimized i often forget about it. I think if I shut it off while in the pvp.net client, I lose contact with maestro and have to restart the pvp.net client.

PvP.net: After buying Riot points I noticed the Katarina buying animation was displaying grey bars each frame but then disappearing, Making screen shots really hard to get of it. The horizontal slider has a very small hitbox for me, one pixel running the length of the whole bar on top of the bar. After a game the pvp.net client is very slow to show the scores or anything. One time when I resized the client it did not show the black box at the bottom. However that was just once and the black bar still persists

LoL client: The game takes quite a while to exit after a game.

other thoughts: I'm really getting used to the mac client, and my losing steak is now over. My vent server has changed to speex. It seems funny that I can use the GSM codec with Mangler the linux alternative to vent, but not in mac. I also hear that the codec is included in the default mac library of codecs.

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Fifty or so games in with the mac client, the Sona patch removed some annoying bugs while introducing some new ones. all and all, still loving the game and cannot stop playing. Your doing a great job Riot.

Old ones:
Loading times are still bad.
At the end of a game it can take a while to exit the game.
End of game score screen takes a while to load after a game.
Certain character's portraits are not showing .
in game back or B is still small.
PvP.net when shrunk still has has a black bar on the bottom.
(Sometimes I can coax it to not have the black bar,
but then it cannot be resized bigger without cutting off the bottom.)
The reconnect button is still way at the bottom of the black bar.
Horizontal Slider in the shop has a smaller hit box.
When selecting the skin the name of the previous skin is still there

New bugs:
Some characters are not always completely visible.
Vandal Jax had an issue with stretched club.
Launcher had a script error more than once.
Twisted Fate overhead card disappears sometimes.

Things that have happened to me once.
Error message "Champions did not load correctly"

Bug that have been fixed:
Strange arrow and targeting circles.
I think also the chat window moving to the top of the chat has been fixed

here are some screenshot of bugs I have captured