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Hello Riot & Summoners,

I created this thread to hear suggestions for any improvements and changed you guys think should be made to the ranking system. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about it. Thank you for reading this thread. So here are my thoughts:

I think the current ranking system is flawed. No it is not the ELO hell and matching making lololol. I think it is flawed because when you make it to a Tier (For ex. Gold), you permanently stay there. Of course unless you go inactive at 0 LP. I think that the current system is very flawed because of the following reason.

The current system makes it so that you can maintain your tier as long as you play 1 game before the inactivity date, regardless of win or lose.

Eventually because of this getting a rank of plat, or diamond will not mean much. The good players are already in the higher tiers, but because of this all the bad players will eventually enter the tier as well because almost no body drops down tiers. The less skilled players will players will play less skilled players and eventually end up in higher tiers.

In my opinion, I think that if players do not do well in rank and cannot leave division 5 within a certain amount of games should get decayed back down a tier. For example, If you are gold 5 and after 20 or 30 games and you cannot go up a division you should be able to be demoted to silver 1. That way the less skilled players will go down in ELO, while the more skilled players remain in higher ELO.


If people do not do well in division 5 they have to play demotion games, similar to promotion games, but it is 3 or 5 games that will keep you in the tier.So for example, After 20 or 30 games and the player is still in division 5 they are put into a demotion game series.


If the summoner remains between a certain LP range for a long period of games they are entered in the demotion series. For example if a player remains in the LP range of 0-30 after 30 games.

Those are just my opinions. I would love to hear other peoples thoughts. The current ranking system is decent right now, but it can always can improved.

Thank you for reading,