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Echidna- The Mother Monster

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Echidna is based off of the ever so popular Spider Queen. But I thought that just making a spider with web and junk was so boring, so I thought what if that was just the tip of the iceberg?

Echidna is a Melee DPS who also can be built as a tank or Jungle. I made a picture but it's not 100% accurate to what I had in mind, but for now, just picture this:

Echidna, like I mentioned, is based off the Spider Queen, aptly giving her the lower body of a spider. However, I also thought to ugly her up a bit. alot of the female champs are said to be much too 'feminine', the only non-human shaped one being Anivia. So, I thought why not give her hulking wolf arms, an awfully scary face with tusks, and 4 big red eyes. Her spider abdomen looks an awful lot like Baron Nashor's head too. She uses a whip made of web. Her torso is ridged and boney, and her 'bits' are covered in some fur.



Passive: Queen's Rage: Every 5 Basic Attacks, Echidna immediately lashes her whip around her in a radius, doing bonus damage.

Q: Nashling: Echina send out a baby baron Nashor in a skillshot, chomping on the first thing it hits dealing 80/120/160/200/220 (+50% Physical damage), and slows the enemy by 15/20/30%.

W: Wraith's Woe: Echidna summons a wraith to sap the life energy from one Unit to Echidna dealing 70/100/130/180/200 (+70% AP) Magic damage, and leeching 10/20/30/40/50%.

E: Golem's Rush: Echidna calls on an arcane golem, who blesses her with movement speed and briefly increases magic resist.

R: Mother's Love: Echidna calls out to her most recently summoned monster, having them aid her in battle. The can reactivate this skill to cause a special skill, differing with each monster, but this cancels the summon of the monster.
Q > R: Baron Nashor Rises 20 seconds, and will attack, dealing 100/170/210 Magic Damage (+ 70% of AP) Every 2 seconds. Echidna can cast this again to cause acid to knock up a target.

W>R: Ghast Rises for 20 seconds, and attacks enemy champions dealing 200 Magic Damage (+ 70% of AP) every 2 seconds. If this ability is cast again, Ghast will burst, slitting into random souls and deals 200/400/500 Magic Damage.

E>R: The Ancient Golem Rises for 20 seconds, and deals 100/200/400 Physical Damage (+ 70% of AD) every 3 seconds. if cast again, Golem will jump to the nearest enemy champion and stun him for 100/200/400 Physical Damage (+ 70% of AD).


Wraiths, Golems, Lizards, Drakes, and Baron Nashor, Monsters are not uncommon amongst Valoran. They dot the landscape, acting as the nature and wildlife of the world. Though deadly, they are also living things. Most people see them no more as savage animals though. Because of this, all 'civilized' beings have earned their mother's rage. Echidna can be traced back to any monster's linage, earning her title as the Mother Monster. A true monster, she bred and prospered, giving life to the world.

Upon hearing about the League of Legends, she was horrified to ear that her own children were kept in 'Jungles' as open game for humans and others alike. In her fit of rage, she tore through the fields of Justice, calling upon her children to ravage the League and those who have tried to kill her own kin. Paving her way to the Halls of Justice, she continued her Rampage until a brave summoner came upon a negotiation. The monsters that would now be found in the Fields of Justice would merely be illusions made real, still giving the magical growth to those who slay them. Leering yet satisfied, Echidna accepted this proposal. But she was wary of their promise. She forced the League to make her join, so she may keep watch over them, lest they try to harm her children again.

'A child will do anything for it's mother. And it's mother will do anything for it.' -Echidna

I apologize if the ability scaling is OP or anything. I'm not a super pro at the game, nor it's mechanics.

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Echidna? That's a bit... friendly. Also the storyline could be clearer, she jungles but protects the jungle with motherliness (is that a word?).