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Runes, Masteries & You

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I know we've all had issues of organizing our runes and mastery pages. We're constantly changing, adjusting, sometimes even in champion select. Here is my proposal that is purely luxury: Allow us to drag and drop rune and mastery pages to change their order so we don't have to redo our 3 or more pages just so we can keep our Jax vs AD and Jax vs AP pages together.

I know some people aren't as OCD as I am, but it's a matter of convenience, should not take that much effort to code, and would reduce the risk of those last minute mastery/rune changes because for the 100th time you've forgotten to change them for whatever reason(The other pick in your turn insta-locking the role you were going to pick, simply forgetting to change them, or spending too much time chatting with the team to realize you haven't changed them yet.)

Knowing exactly where your rune pages are and masteries would be a tremendously helpful feature, especially for the new players that can get kinda overwhelmed by champion select.

Thank you for reading.