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Layna, The spiritualist. [Support]

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Layna, The spiritualist.
Mage, Range, Support.

- Doran's Ring
- Ionia boots
- Chalice of Harmony
- Shurelyas Reverie
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter
- Athenes Unholy Grail

Passive-[Mark of the Orb Aura] Check the last ability used to give passive bonuses or increase the power of the Orb Maximus.

- Q-[Orb of Heal] Throw an orb on the ground that life gives you and your allies in the area.
If an enemy passes through the area, slows down and get magic damage per second.
Mark of the Orb Aura: Increases slightly regeneration of life of nearby allies.
-Cooldowns: 15/14/13/12/10

Explanation: Leave the 'Orb of Heal' suspended on the floor with area of ​​effect, the allies to stay in that area will receive life every second (like a mini Janna ULT) The enemies that pass through the area, receive DPS down their speed of movement.

- W-[Orb of shield] Throw an orb in a place that explodes nearby allies receive a temporary shield.
If an enemy is near the explosion, he receives magical damage.
Mark of the Orb Aura: Increases the armor and resistance of nearby allies
-Cooldowns: 14/12/10/9/8

Explanation: Throw an orb that NO is suspended on the ground if that does not throw it explodes giving shield to nearby enemies. Enemies that are hit by the blast armor are low and resistance and causes magical damage.

- E-[Orb of Attack] Throw an orb at an enemy, the Allies passing through the orb receive movement speed for a short time you touch an enemy sends him back a centimeter, causing damage magic.
Mark of the Orb Aura: Increases movement speed
-Cooldowns: 12/11/10/9/8

Explanation: Throw an orb at an enemy (Skillshot) that damages the enemy and restrasa its movement, ie pulls back a few inches, if an ally passes through the receive path of orb movement speed for a few seconds.

R-[Maximus Orb] Throw a flash, the flash rate depends on the ultimate skill-hit by Mark of the Orb Aura-
Orb of Heal: Throw a flash heals all allies by passing and damages enemies lowering their speed. (Slow)
Orb of Shield: Throw a flash that gives you a temporary shield to all allies to touch and put blind enemies for 2 seconds. (Blind)
Orb of Attack: Throw a magic spark that causes damage to enemies, allies they received affected movement speed.
Cooldowns: 22/20/18

Explanation: A flash (Same as Sona ult, but will only be one) that can be launched (Skillshot) depending on the skill last used / marked affecting allies and enemies.

She has 3 orb flying around it
Green: Heal
White: Shield
Purple: Attack
And every orb disappears and reappears until the ability is active (I mean, it's over the cooling time, Cooldowns)

Joke: Talk to your some of your orbs and then point depending on where you are facing.
Taunt: The orb of attack begins to spin around Layna moving away over time and then return.
Dance: Dancing a waltz.
Laugh: Place your three orb on the ground burst into flame and making them laugh.
. ; . (Where the points are the orbs and the comma is layna)

Well, I was in a white dress with green edges, and a handkerchief tied around his head covering one of his eyes, and blond, and the three orbs (Green, White and Purple) flying around it, and a crown (more or less like irelia) having an orb in the middle and changes color depending on the latest skills used, eg if you used the Orb of attack for the last time the world is purple crown, and so depending on which marked ability is activated.

Comment: I'm sorry for my bad English, is that I have only one account in North America.

Well what do they say?
If she needs a remake, you say that and together we can improve it, thanks.

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Sorry for doble post, i want comments :3

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Orianna uses one orb and has similar abilities except for heal. I think this champion needs a little more pull out away from how the 3 orbs resemble her 1 orb. Try thinking of a way to really to make the 3 orbs unique. Also keep in mind Ahri uses orbs and can generate a lot of them.