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AP Xin

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I want to try AP Xin on Dominion but he's probably too fail lol. But on ARAM he's legit.

It's unranked, go for it. Plus it's only one game.

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I don't really see the point of AP Xin. He gains damage from AP on his charge (1.0 ratio), but otherwise gets nothing at all outside of lichbane.
He also gets a whopping 1 extra point of health for every 3 attacks for every AP. That is nice and all, but lifesteal is certainly more cost-effective. A bit of CC basically hozes this lifegain anyways. Look at AD Sion. In theory he is invincible with his 100% Lifesteal Ult up right? In practice he can get CCed and bursted down before he can even do much of anything.

On SR it 'works' because Xin can backdoor towers while still healing which lifesteal does not allow. But this singular advantage is obviously not applicable in Dominion.

IDK exactly how it works but it seems really strong, stronger than I expected. I took it bot and late game beat a standard built glass cannon xin zhao 1v1, then proceeded to rape the kat that came with him to gank me, I've been 1v2ing late game with him, had someone trash talking my build on the other team, I think it was Fizz? I can't remember except he was a small champ, him and Diana had pushed up our bottom, he was about 75% and Diana 100% and I 2v1ed them. My best score was like 25-12-something, I don't typically do that well on champs other than pure OP or snowball ones.

It seems really strong because it lets you get CDR cap and put it to good use for damage and chasing.

I've been going
Berserker + dagger > Stinger > Malady > Nasthor > (Abyssal, Gunblade, Frozen Heart in order as needed)
He heals a **** ton and you just push all the buttons until you win like normal glass cannon xin.

I wouldn't build a Lichbane as some suggest, it's not logical:
-If you built for magic pen, Lichbane does phys damage, you're not getting great synergy there
-Xin zhao is a 'push all the buttons' champ and his resets exceed the 3.0 cd on LB proc, staggering your abilities is a waste for a sub-par item
-Not building enough AP to be used as a burst item, it's either got to be on a spammable champ (Akali's R) or burst champ with super high AP (Kassadin, AP Yi)

Or a death cap because his scaling isn't that strong with it.