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Jayce as an AD carry.

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Let me throw this out here... not anyone who stacks AD is ADC.

When you go bottom lane with the support, you are taking up the ADC 'slot'. Thus you are expected to be the ADC. Going bot with Jayce will generate some hate. A typical ADC builds AD sure...but more importantly CRIT and ATK SPEED which bruisers dont build as much of.
They are meant to have sustained attacking power at pretty good range. Jayce has a kick ass burst but fairly short range and no sustained firepower.
You CAN go bot with Jayce but as a duo-bruiser style lane. aka a Kill Lane.

If you go top lane like you ought to, you can feel free to build tons of AD...nobody will accuse you of going ADC. Many pros do this with Jayce...they get a Tear,Manamune, giant belt, then grab Bloodthirster, Inf Edge.