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Zaria, the Water Dancer

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Petyr Baelish

Senior Member


Garbed in silky silver and with a long, gleaming rapier in each hand, Zaria cuts an impressive figure on the Fields of Justice. Her hair is so blond it is nearly white, and the thick braid that twists down her back is beaded with sparkling gems and precious metals. She stands 5'6" and walks with the smooth, graceful steps of an acrobat. She has a calm beauty about her, and she carries herself loosely yet confidently. Her light clothes flow with the movement of her body, and ripple in the wind.


Base Stats
Health..................................350+78/level (1754 at level 18)
Move Speed.........................325
Attack Damage.....................56+3/level (101 at level 18)
Attack Speed....................... .85+2.6%/level (1.25 at level 18)
Armor...................................8+3.5/level (71 at level 18)
Magic Resist........................30
Mana Per 5 Sec....................0
Health Per 5 Sec...................4.5+0.5/level (14.5 at level 18)

Basic Attack Animation: Zaria slashes her target in a quick downward curve with the edge of one of the rapiers she carries. When performing consecutive attacks, she alternates between attacking with her right and left hand, though her initial attack will always be with her left. On a critical strike, she stabs forward, piercing the target with the tip of the weapon. The attack animation is a little under .2 seconds total.

As Zaria does some weird things to her basic attack, here is a description of an unmodified melee basic attack:
A Brief Overview of the Melee Basic Attack

1. Check that target is within attack range units.
2. Begin basic attack animation, also triggering an attack timer that lasts (1 divided by attack speed) seconds.
3. Go through basic attack animation, movement or channeling will interrupt the attack.
4. Complete basic attack animation, deal physical damage to the target equal to attack damage.
5. Prevent additional basic attacks for the remaining duration of the attack timer, other actions are permitted.*

*If auto-attacking, will move move speed units towards target each second until both the attack timer duration ends and the target is within attack range units.

With that as the norm...

Innate - Ripples
[QUOTE] 523057

Whenever Zaria uses an ability, she enters her next basic attack.

If Zaria is not currently auto-attacking, she enters a normal basic attack.
If Zaria is currently in step 3 of a basic attack, she enters a normal attack animation with the other hand. She may be performing step 2-4 twice at the same time, with the later attack timer taking precedence in step 5.
If Zaria is currently in step 3 of two auto attacks, the hand further through the animation in will skip to step 4, dealing damage and beginning a backslash animation, slashing back and up. If the original attack was critical, she rips the blade out and upwards. If the new attack is critical, she stabs in rather than slashing back. If both attacks are critical, she twists her blade inside the target. If the original attack was a backslash, she skips to step 4 of it, then begins a normal attack animation.

Notes on Ripples:

-If a player with great reflexes manages to attack more than one unit at the same time, her swords stretch and bend. She will be facing the most recently attacked unit.
-Every new auto-attack will interrupt movement.
-Right-clicking to move will cancel all auto-attacks

First Ability - Quicksilver
[QUOTE] 523064

Zaria dashes towards your mouse pointer, marking enemy units she passes through. Attacking a marked unit will reduce the cooldwns of her abilities.

Zaria makes a quick dash towards your mouse pointer, marking enemy units she passes through with "Quicksilver" for 2.5 seconds. Each basic attack made against a target marked with this will reduce the cooldown of each of her abilities by 1 second.

15/13/11/9/7 second cooldown
200/250/300/350/400 unit range
100 unit width

Zaria transforms into a stream of silver energy that reforms at your mouse pointer nearly instantaneously, about 0.1 seconds. Marked targets have a small spiraling silver whirlpool over their heads that gets smaller over 2 seconds, allowing summoners to see how much time is left until the duration ends.

Notes on Quicksilver:
-Quicksilver is automatically smartcasted, meaning it will take you towards your mouse pointer without you needing to left-click.
-Quicksilver cannot take you through terrain.
-Zaria will only dash as far as your mouse pointer, the range is only a limit.
-Zaria cannot basic attack while going through the dash animation, but will skip to step 4 of all attacks she is currently making upon using the ability.
-If Zaria is not auto-attacking and passes through one or more enemy units, she will automatically begin auto-attacking the last unit marked.

Second Ability - Liquid Steel
[QUOTE] 523059

Zaria feints an attack, briefly interrupting her target's actions and allowing her attacks to penetrate their armor.

Zaria feints an attack, allowing her basic attacks to penetrate (10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50) of the target's armor for 1.5 seconds and stunning them for .25 seconds.

10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown
Basic Attack Range units range

Zaria stabs the target backhand, flipping the hilt such that the blade extends from behind her pinky finger rather than her thumb. As the tip of her sword approaches the target, the blade melts, dripping down its own edge and flowing through her hand. As the liquid metal emerges on the other side of her hand, it reforms into a new blade, and when the stab misses and her hand keeps swinging, she slashes the target with the flipped edge of the sword, completing a new basic attack courtesy of her passive. The whole thing takes about .25 seconds.

Notes on Liquid Steel:
-If Zaria is auto-attacking an enemy, this ability will automatically target that enemy, modifying her next basic attack. If she is not, it is a single target ability with range equal to her basic attack range.

Third Ability - Crystalline Accuracy
[QUOTE] 523070

Passive: Zaria's critical strikes deal bonus physical damage equal to a percentage of her target's maximum health.
Active: Zaria's next basic attack will critically hit. If the target is affected by Quicksilver, the mark will be consumed to refresh the cooldown of this ability.

Passive: Whenever Zaria critical strikes, she deal bonus physical damage equal to (2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4) + (0.01 AP) percent of her target's maximum health.
Active: Zaria's next basic attack has a 100% chance to critically hit. If the target is affected by Quicksilver, the mark will be consumed and the cooldown of this ability will be reset.

6.5/6/5.5/5/4.5 second cooldown


Whenever she critically strikes, her target becomes transparent and crystalline, and you can see the point of her sword as it stabs through them. The active uses the normal critical strike animation, including the crystallization. If a Quicksilver mark is consumed, the swirling silver over the target's head shatters into shards of metal, exploding outwards and quickly disappearing.

Notes on Crystalline Accuracy:

-An attack that consumes a stack of Quicksilver also procs the on-hit trigger, reducing each of her cooldowns by one second.

Ultimate Ability - Water Dance
[QUOTE] 523068

Passive: After casting 3 consecutive spells, her next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage.
Active: Zaria dances the water dance, becoming untargetable for a short duration. She dashes at her target with each basic attack, and refreshes the duration of this effect each time she does so.

Passive: After casting 3 spells, each within 1 second of the previous one, her next basic attack within 3 seconds will deal (75 / 150 / 225) + (0.8 AP) bonus magic damage.
Active: Zaria becomes untargetable for a 0.5 seconds. While the effect lasts, her basic attacks gain increased range and move her towards her target. Each basic attack made will refresh the duration of this effect, up to a maximum of 1.5 seconds.

46/34/22 second cooldown
100/150/200 unit range increase
Dashes to within 100 unit range of target


When she makes an improved attack, there is a small flash of white light as her blade slices through the target. If it was also a critical strike improved by Crystalline Accuracy, the light will be fractured by the crystal into sparkling blue-tinted rays.
Upon activating her Water Dance, there is a flash of bluish light that explodes outwards from Zaria. While dancing the dance, she loses some of her opacity, and becomes blurred and fluid. She flows forwards during step 3 of her basic attacks, moving quickly and gracefully towards her target, blade extended.


Notes on Water Dance
-Unlike untargetability effects currently in the game (Playful, Zhonya's), Zaria can take actions while untargetable.
-Dashing towards her target is part of her attack animation.
-If Zaria is snared, she will not gain attack range.


"Silent as a shadow"
"Calm as still water"
"Relentless as the tide"
"Strong as a waterfall"
"Quick as the wind"
"Deadly as quicksilver"
"Sudden as a thunderstorm"
"Accurate as ripples"
"Elusive as a rainbow"

"Too scared to face my blade? I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but you would be unarmed."

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you... much."

*For search purposes, Petyr Baelish.*

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Junior Member



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Senior Member


This will literally be the hardest but one of the most powerful ad characters to use of all time. MUST HAVE TO BEAT THE NUBBY DARIUS AND RENGAR USERS.

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i feel that her E is still a tad too strong. It basically gives her a free better-than-madreds as she levels up. I think that the value should be decreased slightly because along with her passive and untargetableness of her ulti, it will be ridiculous... not to mention if she built madreds...

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i dont understand the passive ability. are you basically saying that her two arms have different attack timers?

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Petyr Baelish

Senior Member


i dont understand the passive ability. are you basically saying that her two arms have different attack timers?

Her arms are going through two different attack animations. The attack timer has been reset and is counting off the most recent one made. Similar to when a ranged champion like Sivir or Soraka has 2 boomerangs or bananas in the air going towards a target, it is still in the animation of the old attack but a new attack is starting.

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Lyria Eternal

Senior Member


Hello, I'm Flames of Terror, Concept Advisor for the CCF Council. I have come to review your champion, and give non-biased opinions based on what I have read. Let's begin.


As I begun to wander through your post I happened to notice a couple of things. First, she has no lore to her. Which, in itself is not problem since her style makes writing a story appear to be the easy part. Second, is that you like to give complete explinations for her abilities as you go on, and while this is productive to a Designer. To Reviewers it appears to be a review rather then a post. I'm not saying you should completely change the way you post and present your work. Though cleaning up the layout would be nice.

You place logical arguments about your champion in the design of the layout, but those arguments sit outside of the abilities (In quotes). Thus dominating the eyes to view them before, or only, instead of focusing on what the ability does. Others might just skip the notes as they don't look interesting or tied to the abilities (Unfortunate but true). Onwards to the abilities now.



After some lengthy reviewing and much deliberation between myself and Solrom. This was frankly confusing. We managed to understand the place you were going after some time, but I would imagine that a normal person looking at this would be greatly confused. Even after you explanations. Consider simplifying explanations for people.


Reading this abilities features, and your own explanations on it I can place my questions respectively. First, the range is rather low. 200-300 range isn't very long, in fact it's about the distance of Annie's Incinerate Cone, or shorter. Such low range really isn't going to give her much of a gap closer even with the low CD. She would have to use it right next to enemies to get a high effect. I would say that 400-500 would be more along the lines for a good distance.


Hmm, I have only one question before allowing this one to pass without much to say. If someone is using the "constant movement" style. That is to say they just hold down the left mouse button and drag. Would it cancel that and force them to re-left click? Beyond that I found this skill to be simple and balanced.


This one I have some major problems with. Since I would build this champion AP/AS/CRIT I would have her crit chance to be at least 50%, so every other attack I would be burning through an enemy's health or more. Say I have 500 ap, which is the standard for an AP user, and I would have about 2.3 attacks per second. In roughly 4 seconds I could burn through anyone's health using abilities correctly. Even just auto-attacking would burn through it in 6.4 seconds. Get her a Madred's Blood Razor, and she will devour people in moments. I like the idea of a passive that burns max health, but you need to find another way (perhaps still using crit) to limit such power.

On second thought such is the matter of no mana that gaining 500 ap would be harder then most AP carries, and therefore would not be as much of a problem. I would say keep this ability the way it is for now, and express (in your explanation) about the lack of mana. As Archangel's is the easiest way of building AP on champions.


I have no issues with the passive effect, but I do have one with the active. Fizz is currently the most annoying champion because he can have a .5 second "cannot be hit" irritant. Granted your's is in your ultimate but a 1.5 second untouchable is terrifying in this case. Perhaps during the first attack she is untouchable, and then becomes so leaving the auto-attacks to increase the time your attacks have greater range and mobility. If this is what you meant I would suggest revising your words.


Overall a well thought out champion with the potential to take home the Auto-Attack King title. Although she does focus on abilities as well, she doesn't have too, and you will see her played more attacky then spamy. I look forwards to the changes we all make to our champions, regardless of reviews, and to the following I think you will acquire here.

If you need more detailed work then my review please stop by the "ChampConcepts" chat room on Live. Where I stop in from time to time, and there are people willing to think tank your concept until midnight.

Otherwise visiting us in the Council Main (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2520162) thread can be a source of additional information for Designers, Reviewers, and Artists.

Again I look forwards to what you do with this concept.

Yours in Fellowship,

Flames of Terror

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Petyr Baelish

Senior Member


Lore should be coming to her soon. Along with speech, an overview, and other useful stuff. I find the eye is drawn to things in quotes and tends to skim other stuff afterwards, but that may just be me.

The innate is honestly a very confusing effect in a written format, but I feel it would be intuitive to play with and not too challenging to program. If you just ignore everything but "Whenever Zaria uses an ability, she enters her next basic attack.", which is what players see upon mouse-over, it seems to make sense. The mechanics are the confusing part.

I will increase the range of the Q, would you recommend nerfing another part of it to compensate?

It does the exact same thing as if they pressed "s". I can test that in-game if necessary, but the stop mechanic was designed by Riot, not me.

Zaria is a carry, and therefore scales quite well with many different stats. Sadly for Zaria players everywhere, AP, Crit, and AS simply do not appear together on items. The best build of this type you could get, as far as I can tell, is Phantom Dancer, Phantom Dancer, Rabadon's Deathcap, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Lich Bane, Malady. While this build packs nearly 300 AP and a variety of other effects, I doubt it could beat a Madred's Bloodrazors and an Infinity Edge. I gave her strong AP scaling to encourage alternative builds, and I think AD and AP are both viable depending on the enemy team.

I was under the impression that Kayle's ult was a 3 second untouchable effect. But I wouldn't know, because no one plays Kayle. I did mean for it to be a 1.5 second untouchable effect, but if you find this too strong (and too unfun to play against) I will nerf it, and possibly change it so only the range increase and mobility is refreshed.

As for the auto-attack king award, I would say she deserved it . Though she is nowhere near perfect.

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Senior Member


Just change the passive to "every time Zria uses an ability she gains an additional auto attack" simple an easy, and you can do more in-depth mechanical explanation about how it resets her autoattacks (like Vayne's tumble) separately.

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Senior Member


I wouldn't nerf anything about the Q it just needs a bit more range.

As I mentioned about the E I'm not sure how well it would work in gameplay. Which is why I said leave it alone. The reason why I said the 1.5 seconds is too strong because it can be used too often. 34-18 seconds for a cool down on untouchable effects (Save fizz .5) should only sit about .5 to 1 second.