RED: Plans for Elo Hell?

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Originally Posted by Squarefish View Post
My problem with "Play tank" "Play carry" "Play carry + tank" and whatsoever is: Been there. Done that. Doesn't help.

Alone, I have played carries, hard-carries, supporters, tanks, offtanks, just about every role and ever of the champions I have access too. I have smoothened the team composition, I have ignored the team composition, I have randomed champions. It makes no difference. Sometimes we have no feeders and no leavers, and we faceroll, and most of the times, we got feeders and/or leavers, and my roles does not matter.

With my (well-playing) friend, we have tried tons of combinations. AD-Carry + AD-carry, AD-carry+AP-carry, Ad-Carry+supporter, AP-carry+supporter, Tank+AD-carry, Tank+AP-carry, tank+tank, tank+supporter, you pretty much name it. Sometimes we can faceroll and win 3-4 games in a row, but then we get THOSE teammates again and we lose 8 times in a row again with exactly the same champions and the same adaptive playstyle.

But yeah, if the elo converges against my true elo, then I guess, my true elo will be around 1100 to 1000, because it keeps bouncing between 1000 and 1200. Probably the penultimate goal of lol is to be frustrated by bad teammates to no end and I am just bad.
All I can really say is that it goes both ways. Since I started only duo queuing with my friend who tanks, I've been climbing very steadily. My win rate has been 85-95% using this strategy. I carry,he tanks and we win almost every game.

I'd also like to add that every game we win, the other team complains about feeders. Every single game. Even though we clearly beat them and it wasn't about feeders at all. A lot of solo queue depends on you being able to get your teammates to follow your lead. If you can do this consistently, then you'll probably start winning more.