Missing CD counter when spamming and Icon Aesthetic

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4 graphic related issues I noticed.

1) When I was spamming Corki's 'R' at some point instead of showing the CD counter and rotating arm, it is just greyed out until it is available. It is possible that I am pressing 'R' repeatedly while it is on CD. After the team fight, it returns to normal, showing the cooldown counter. It may have been my imagination, but it felt like the cooldown was longer than usual when the counter was not visible.

2) When you finish a game, there is a different, highly pixelated icon in the place of the Riot company. It has a white background and a graphic vaguely resembling the riot company logo. This is when the client is loading a summary of the game, then it switches back to normal when the client is no longer a black window.

3) Which leads to my third observation. The mac client does not give me the option to skip loading the stats from the game. Instead I am forced to wait for the summary (which sometimes can take a long time as you may know).

4) Last one I am not sure if it is an issue on my side. But during the loading screen of a game, at the bottom it reads "Warning: Your video card drivers are not updated, please go to the manufacturer's website and follow their instructions". I checked my software updates and I don't have any new ones to do. I may check out the NVIDEA website if there is something manual I need to do....

Intel Core 2 Due 2.53 GHz
Macbook Pro
4 GB, NVIDEA 9400 VRAM 256 mb
Mac OS X 10.6.4
Very low, no shadows