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Wriggles on Tryndamere? yes or no?

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I Love Slurpees

Senior Member


I wouldn't say better investment because it really isn't. You're going to end up selling the Dorans for half the price they were bought at, which is about 712g. Not a lot huh? This also doesn't cover the cost of the free ward every 3 minutes.

You're going to end up selling the wriggles late game which will go for 1120, but then you lose all your life steal, attack damage, armor, your minion damage bonus and the free ward. I wouldn't even buy the cloth armor so i get 4 wards which will last 12 mins or give me more vision around the map. Dorans are important to buy even in bulk. 30 attack damage 9% attack steal and 240 health. that's a lot huh?