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I Love Slurpees

Senior Member


Been doing top lane teemo a lot lately and well have been easily dominating with little to no resistance. Just wondering if anyone can help me out on my build, see if it needs any improvements

Tabi/Merc/Berseker; ROA; Madreds Bloodrazor; Wits End

That is all I can usually afford before game is over. I do buy Dorans Blades inbetween items for sustain.

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I use this build with extreme success
http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=658 (Credit to The Rain Man)

The Item's have changed on that - but following that masteries and runes build -
i usually start off cloth armor + 5 > boots > wriggles(madreds first) > phage > wit's end (recurve bow) > tier 2 boots > frozen mallet > madred's blood razors (recurve bow first) > GA > turn wriggles into blood thirster if game is still going on.

(that was the ole item set up on that page, seems to have changed; but thats what works for me)

haven't loss a top match with that build.