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Is there a chance to get a new client?

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I know there are threads about the problems now, but i thought that i should ask this directly. While i understand you guys using Air client, i think removing it would be the best.

Even if you do something with that, the client will still run in the back, so it will use cpu and etc, so its actually eating more than the game itself. Thats a really big problem, since the start. I dont realy like HON but their game client is FAR more optimized than this. Ofc, maybe its better for you to use this, cause of some license agreement with the adobe, or just because its free (is it?), but that will slowly ruin the game if the player base will grow larger.

Its not a QQ thread, because there is nothing to QQ about, but i think about the future, when the graphic will be improved, and maybe it will ruin even my game, cause it will use my cpu a lot more...yeah, i dont have a too good pc, since i'm usually not interestid in games.

So, is there a chance for a new , better client which is not running in the backround with the game?