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Do you think Riot should start making Champion short films?

Yes, that would be epic! 29 90.63%
Yes, but the fanbase should do it! 3 9.38%
No, it's stupid and is a waste of time and money! 0 0%
Voters 32 .

Champion Short Films?

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Senior Member


Now, with free community volunteers with computer sculpting/animating skills, they could probably do this. However, they would still need to find these volunteers.

I think a good compromise is to have animated slides with background music or voice acting. Not a full blown cinematic, but not a static comic either.

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Roman God

Junior Member


Wish Riot was as big as Blizzard lol, but that will probably never happen.

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Lady Howl



What riot could do to save money. They could hire this out to a college/university. Say Ut, Austin they will donate X amount of money to the film program in return for 1 semester of students creating said videos. Riot gives a list of 10 heroes and their backgrounds.

Or...Riot could do a Competition in which ever hero on a list of chosen is eligible, and they will award money or Rp points to the winners of each hero on the list.
E.g. myself/50 other people submit a video about WW. Somehow my video is voted best. The community gets a video on WW's lore, and in return for my effort i get to choose a reward like WW skin Urf and 2k riot points.

Lastly...there is the whole the community does these videos, and post on youtube, and they get so popular that Riot incorporates them.

Just generating some ideas, since i can not gauge how serious this suggestion is.