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Kennen or Diana??

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Man, I'm kinda bored of using assassins but then again, im good with them which leads into good games. But i kinda wanna enjoy the game, not be good at it.Then again, being good and doing good is fun too :/ Argh! Kennen is harder to play but idc. Diana is new and similar to Akali which I like. I really cant decide!!

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For me, playing Diana is pubstomping at its finest right now. From what I have experienced is that she has a lot of burst and is viable in jungle and mid. Her ganks are really good and can tower dive well too.

She has a lot of damage. Her Q hits hard, and her passive is so powerful its like another ability and procs every 3 hits, if she is not focused she will hurt a lot.

The shield refresh makes her good at dueling at low levels. Her E pull is such good cc, its ridiculous.

Also with AP her ulti starts to hurt a lot to those who get caught with her QRR combo especially if she procs hers passive. Personally I think the numbers on her skills are a bit high but she is very squishy and dies to any CC.

With all that said, I am 100% certain nerfs are incoming and she wont be as powerful as she is now ever again. So if you want a short lived pubstomping rampage then go ahead and pick her up.