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Leavers in Ranked Matches.

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Ranked games tend to be much more competitive, right? You win, you gain elo, you lose.. well, you lose elo. Right now, I'm sitting at around 1250 elo, which is pretty low. I gain anywhere from 9 to 14 elo per win/loss. Now I understand that the elo system we have is extremely flawed, but I won't get into that.

What I'm wondering is, why Riot doesn't do something about the people that leave in ranked games to make it less of a loss to those of us stuck in the game? Maybe lose half elo and not let the person that left play for a day AND make them forfeit twice the elo? At least do something for those of us that don't just rage and leave. We lose maximum elo for a loss even if it game turns into a 3v5 which is what I'm playing in right now. We suffer so much for such stupid circumstances that are out of our hands entirely.

Our GP - Volder
and our Dr. Mundo - pbkissntell
Left our game and have caused us a loss. There is -11 elo down the drain. This needs a fix of some sort, I don't care what it is, just don't punish us for staying in the game and having to deal with a huge disadvantage.


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I'd suggest editing those names out, I believe there's a rule about singling out players like that. Anyways I feel ya bro, my partner and I did end up winning a 4v5 after our shyvana(jungle) left after I think dieing to red for the second time.

All you can do to combat it is grab a partner, less chances of someone leaving then. Also the chemistry between you two can change a 4v5 to a win.

Best of luck.

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It would be exploited.
You'd start to see people doing poorly harassed into quitting, since the loss was 'their fault anyway'. I know you'd see 'Quit now or the whole team reports you for _____' threats constantly.

The general idea for ELO is a long term one. Over time, you should get the same number of leavers on your team, or against. The problem is when people look at their scores ins mall increments, they see the natural variance in the system.