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LoL Fanfic

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It is a bright sunny day. Garen wakes up with a smile on his face, hops out of bed, and skips happily to the kitchen.
"Hi mom," he says, as he begins wolfing down his cereal.
"Hi dear," his mom replies with a grin, "where are you off to this morning?"
"Oh just having some fun, you know me! Golly whoop-dy do!"
His dad looks up from his newspaper, and hands his son 10$. "Here you go son, spend it wisely now."
"Gee-whiz dad, thanks!"
After brushing his teeth, Garen gets dressed into his godly armor and sheaths his bloody sword. "Oops," he thinks to himself, "looks like I forgot to clean this last night! Hope mom doesn't get too mad at me for bloodying her carpet."
Nonchalantly, he kicks Teemo's grisly head under his bed.
"Watch out world," Garen hums happily, "Here I come."

*Intro music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhm8uX78jy8&feature=related)*

Chapter 1

Life sucked. Amumu was only 12 but he already figured out this unseemly fact. Today in school, Annie had made fun of him in front of the whole class. Amumu could hear Annie's infuriating voice mock in his head.

"What's small, stupid and wet?"

Amumu blinked back a tear. It's just not fair! It's not his fault that he tears up so easy. His mom had said that he has a genetic predisposition to crying called EMO. "I just want to curl up into a small ball and disappear from this cold and usually punishment that is life" Amumu moaned as he began cutting himself through his bandaged arm with a pocket knife, pausing only to readjusted his emo hair.

After five minutes of self-indulgent, yet tortuous, self-infliction, Amumu picked up his school bag and began walking home. He followed the exact same route he always followed, past the stop sign, through the park, and finally through the hole in the neighbour's fence. Today, however, Amumu felt a bit strange. It was that feeling inside that one felt when he was being watched and followed. It made Amumu shiver despite the warm summer air. However, everytime he looked behind, nobody was there! Picking up his pace, Amumu scurried through his neighbour's backyard and into his own.

His heart was pounding now. There was something up, and it felt wrong. He dropped his sack quickly and fumbled for his keys. Glancing behind him every few seconds, Amumu struggled to fit the right key into the door lock. Trembling with fear, he finally opened the door, jumped into the house and slammed it with a large bang, the noise resonated in his empty house.

Huffing and puffing, Amumu slouched down and began catching his breath. What had he seen? Why was he so afraid? It was hard to say really. Amumu glanced around, his parents weren't home it seemed. He proceeded to the kitchen and saw a note on the table. His mom had probably gone shopping, he thought as he went to grab a snack in the fridge. As he reached for the soda can, his heart suddenly fluttered. He remembered what he saw.

The neighbour's window, its curtains had moved, and Amumu had seen a boy. Impossible! Those strange neighbours never came out, never socialized with others and more importantly, couldn't possibly have had kids. Amumu had lived in his house since he was born, and had seen the neighbours maybe three times max. They were quere, shy folk, preferring to come out at night when everyone was asleep. But it was true, Amumu could have sworn he had seen a boy, wearing some strange metallic outfit.

Trembling, Amumu picked up the note and read, Hi Amumu, will you be my friend?

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first, good read but really annie and amumu shouldnt be "enemies" they are in lovez for realz


Hope mom doesn't get too mad at me for bloodying her carpet


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Geewhiz wtf is this the 18th centry

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Fanfic has its own forum. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=54