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Champion Concept: Gnarlbeard~ The Rum Runner

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Whilst playing gangplank, I had always imagined why his first mate hadn't also signed up for the league. Why not plunder the seas, and the grounds of summoners rift together? However... In gangplank's absence... His first mate had developed a bit of a drinking problem....

When Captain gangplank had joined the league of legends, he had left his first mate Gnarlbeard in charge of his ship. He was in charge of readying the firing squad for gankplank whenever he needed. However, during his captain's absence, Gnarlbeard had dove into the captain's private quarters... and found what he had been hiding from him all these years. Rum. And lots of it. Gnarlbeard became addicted to the stuff, nearly always being in a drunken stupor every time gangplank needed his firing squad. Eventually, the crew had enough of his drunken clumsiness and had casted him off the ship. However.. His captain doesn't know of his fate. Gnarlbeard searched for the only person he knew could help him get his position back- So he joined the league of legends, hoping that when gangplank returns to his ship, he will take Gnarlbeard back with him.... And perhaps give him a bottle of rum to celebrate.

Concept Information

Gnarlbeard loves his rum. Enough to where it effects who he is, and how he plays. He is a melee hero that is based around steroids and his ultimate. However, most of his steroids cause a negative effect on his own survivability- causing the player to have to decide exactly when the right time to deal more damage and take more damage is. He is a slightly pudgy pirate, dressed in tattered and rum-stained clothing. He weilds 2 cutlass, both razored and dull, extremely worn from his laziness in their care. He would have long, tattered hair, a hat with a few bullet holes in it, and a bottle of rum in one of his arms at all times.

The character synergizes well with the current league of legends lore and would be able to even have a few of those famous hidden passives. He could interact with Miss Fortune, Gangplank, and even Gragas by perhaps having a gold bonus on kills and such.

(This thread is a work in progress... and I honestly just wanted to post this so I didn't forget about it before I go to sleep)


I feel like this character would force players to decide whether or not using their steroids, force target switching in teamfights, allow for complex ganks and skirmish situations with his ult, and really allow for a complex kit that isn't usually seen in most champions.

Passive: Drunken sailor- As Gnarlbeard attacks the same target, he will see a decrease in attack speed, but an increase in attack damage.

Q- Rumrun- Gnarlbeard recieves decreased movement speed and decreased armor for a short duration while increasing his attack power and attack speed.

~This ability is what makes Gnarlbeard as strong as he is. This forces players to commit to using the steroid, as I feel as it should have a large mana cost. The extra damage he would take would force players to make quick calculations in their trading during top lane skirmishes. This would also allow for an interesting situation for teamfights. Players could wait for the AoE damage to be gone and use the steroid to help clean up.

W- Stumble- Gnarbeard takes a swig of rum, stumbling forward with massive movement speed, but also a large reduction in both his armor and magic resist.

~I feel like the animation for this would be very fun to make. This also forces players to make decisions on when its possible to escape OR initaite. The extra damage stumble could punish players who use it to initiate in bad situations.

E- Second Swig- (Applies to next autoattack) Gnarlbeard takes a swig of his rum, then swings his cutlass, slowing the enemy.

~I feel like this ability synergizes extremely well with Gnarlbeard's ult. Slowing the enemy, then forcing them to walk towards you would be devastating I feel like the slow should NOT last very long, and be minor. This ability is not the main focus of his kit.

R- Walk the Plank- Gnarlbeard forces the target to slowly walk straight in the direction they're currently facing. After X amount (Change based of level of Ult) of steps, the target is nuked for a percentage of Gnarlbeard's AD.

~THIS is where Gnarbeard shines. This would be the reason he would be picked up in competitive play and for stomping n00bs in ranked. Forcing a champion to walk towards you, similar to Ahri's charm, would work with every single one of your abilities. Whilst walking, enemy champions are under a charm, as they are supposed to be walking a plank. Gnarlbeard could activate his steroid, attacking the enemy for damage as they're charmed in the direction they're facing and cause "tons of damage". However, this ability should be one of the longer cooldowns, such as Fiora's ult. This ability could also be used as an escape. Running to cause an enemy to face one direction, then using your ult and flashing/ghosting away could allow for an easy escape.