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Over Egos In Higher Elo (Riot Not Taking Action)

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I dont know about you guys but im getting tired of these games. Started at 1763 now besides the bs matchmaking pairing me up with 1400s that dont belong in our game since they obviously cant compete.

The real problem is the people whos egos are soo high they think they are better than everyone like a certain special kid who i cant name for tos reasons and is reported every day constantly litterally threatens and goes afk every game he doesnt get middle. I litterally had to deal with him about 5 times in a row so thats 5 straight losses because of childish attitudes.

Its getting a tad dumb atm i know im not the only one dealing with it and i know everyone else has their own story. Its really annoying that riot cant deal with people like the one i was talking about they do it over and over again they even call you out to report them why because they know they wont get banned. Please riot add something in the game so we can either avoid these players or more effectively report these players. Something along the lines of needing proof via video or screen shots. So yes ruining games still exist in the higher elos 1400s still exist in the higher elos all tha still happens.

P.S. If i raged at you for stupid reasons i apologize i was just trolled way too many games in a row this weekend.