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elo hell is terrible, should be biggest priority.

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A lot of players think they are good, but are at best below average.
There are people who know a lot about the game, but are pretty terrible
whether it is their tactics, co-ordination or overall strategy.
You can not effectively move up in elo simply by not sucking, you have to
pretty much win games yourself, if you don't consistently make a difference
then its not enough for a win, since chances are someone on the other team is up for the job.

If OP is really good then EVENTUALY he will get out of the swamp. Will take a while.

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You're QQ raging and you call other people children? Amusing, at best.


dude.. are you serious... troll? or mad.. i didn't do anything to you, this thread was a suggestion to riot... you dont even understand the thead.. u dont have any ranked games (or not enough played to be listed) 177 normal wins.. which is probably why ur flaming me so hard.. cause you dont own more than 14 champions?.. i dont know

YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND, get out with ur 2/14 ez and ur 2/8 taric.. really what did i do to you? i dont like waring with randoms, jeez.

and sorry, i didnt know you were a english teacher? wow..