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Brand new player vs. Diana!

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So my friend has been playing league for about 3 months now, just hit 30 last night.

Every now and then he faced a Diana, always gets raped by her and rages and says they'll nerf herf cause she is op.
-Classic noob rage
-Got beat by a Diana and calls out for nerfs

Now one thing i noticed is that he never builds magic resist. In addition to that he is duo'ing (normals) with one of our 1700 elo friends.
-He was extremely angry when I told him that just because he is team captain doesn't mean it will bring our 1700 elo friend down to his lvl, it will in fact normalize the normal elo difference, effectively bringing him up. He began to rage and flip keyboard as he died again and claim that what i had just said was stupid and should work the opposite way.

I see 2 major things wrong with this, why he is so wrong lol.
-Diana is obviously was better than he is, mechanically, map aware, nd better at communicating with her jungler.
-He is Olaf, so getting raped by range, he does not build MR, not mechanically skilled, he is working on his map awareness (ive attempted to drill in warding into his brain).

Point is, don't nerf Diana riot.

Added funsies:
-He gets mad at his team of randoms for no reason a vast majority of the time and doesn't like it when they get mad at him.
-When he is on the recieving end of the criticism, he says, "cmon its not ranked!" he has never played a ranked game, and contradicts himself lol.

I love new players haha.