Replacement for Starks Fervor

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I have an idea that I think might work.

Broams Standerd of Terror.
Pickaxe + Negatron cloak.+ dagger + recipe
975+740+420+715 = 2850
35 ad, 48 MR +25% attack speed
Unique passive: All enemies within range (1000) lower their armor by 20.
Unique active: increase nearby (500) allied total damage output by 6% for 5 seconds. (45 sec cooldown)
Unique passive. reduce all incomeing magic damage by 5%

made this for ad with some tanky potential. the active can be used for quick bursts of damage and if you can co-ordinate with your team to go in and use everything for eaither all at once like if your working with a LB or Veigar or Gragas or someone who uses burst damage. the unique active that would replace the active, can be helpful for melee ad and ranged ad to a smaller degree, or you could put in both for a higher recipe cost and make it like 3.3k+ bruiser kind of item.
- 0R30