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Van's Rules

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1.-5 lives each hider , 45 min to kill them 5 times.

2.-If a seeker drops below 300hp they will be at risk of dying and should retreat. Hider's cannot intentional kill the seeker but can still use CC.

3.-Hiders cannot recall or return to base, and may only purchase items when they die

4.-Spawn camping is NOT permitted, you must allow a killed player to reenter the field of play without being followed

5.-Auto attacks and abilities are allowed for seekers, only CC is allowed for hiders. No gang banging the seeker with so much CC.

6.-When you are out, you MUST stay in the base and you can't even leave the fountain pool.

7.-Oracles allowed

8.-Every summoner spells are allowed except CV


10.-All items allowed for hiders, EXCEPT GA.

11.-No taking towers for for anyone, but seekers can kill creeps only if their tower is in danger.

12.-All champs allowed (for hiders AND seekers).

13.-Seekers may only leave base at 2 min (For this rule, I have to add that seekers MUST stay in the fountain pool and cannot go in the left or right corridor before 2 min, you have to wait until 2 min to leave the circle pool, this is important).

14.-Executions count as a loss of life.

15.- If a player disconnects, seekers are allowed to kill him while he returns to base, it is his fault for being dc'ed. When a player is afk in base, he loses a life for each 5 min he is there, if a player is dc'ed or go afk at 30 min into the game, he is automatically out.

16.-Sharing lives between players is forbidden; players can't give a life to another, even if they are dc'ed or afk.

17.- Must lane until lvl 6, do not hurt each other in lane, only farm. After this no farming of any kind is allowed for hiders.(SR only)

18.- No buffs can be taken by hiders and no monster camps can be taken by hiders.

19.- No staying in the same spot for more than 30 seconds, you must stay out of the bush or area you were just in for 15 seconds (note these are not exact times and leniency is permitted.)

20.- NO CROSSING YOUR TOWERS WHEN BEING CHASED!!! But you can go through if noone is chasing you. also if there isnt a turret you can cross the lane. You can also go through enemy turrets as much as you like. (SR ONLY)

21.- Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Teemo, Shaco, Nidalee, and Warwick are perma banned. and there are an extra 3 bans for each side (draft mode rule optional)

22.- Seekers can only have ONE FROZEN MALLET OR ONE RYLAI'S PER TEAM

23.- Hider's cannot buy items that can damage the seeker ( thornmail, sunfire cape, etc)

24.- Hiders can only lay down one trap at a specific place (caitlyn, teemo, shaco, etc)

25.- If the seeker's lost, the hider with the best endgame score wins!