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Is Brand viable?

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I've been playing League for around 2 months, and I would say my best character is Brand. He has good wave clearing ability with his W early, and, especially late game, can take a champion down in a surprisingly fast time.

However, when I look at tournaments, and see forum posts, I generally see no mention of Brand as a competitive champion. It's usually Morgana, Ahri, Karthus, Cassiopeia, and Ryze being chosen as a team's mid.

Why? Is he too mana-hungry, too squishy, or is it simply that he needs two abilities to do any crowd control? Brand seems too bursty and too good at wave clearing and harass with his W to not be considered a good mage.

*NOTE* This is my opinion, please refute it with an actual constructed argument.

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Yes. Brand is viable.

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If you do well with him, then why would it matter if he's viable in other's eyes? Play what you're good at.

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i think the main difference between the 5 champions you named and brand is that brand has very little utility where as those 5 each have atleast a bit. ahri has her dashes and her charm to initiate, morgana has her ult which wins team fights by itself, good spellvamp to sustain lane, one of the best shields in the game, and the great initiation in dark binding. karthus has a wall that gives sight and a huge slow, we all know how good his ult can be, and he can get out of control in team fights very easily. cassiopeia and ryze while both having less utility than the other 3, also have very high damage and 2 very reliable stun/snares of their own. brand doesnt really have anything except spam casting for damage.. he can poke for a fair bit but he cant really "initiate" like those other 5

ahri charm
ryze snare
karth wall
morg ult/binding
cass madusa eyes to the face

not to say brand is bad because he definitely isnt hes great at what he does but it seems like a question of what does he really bring to the table that other ap casters cant

i think hes pretty good, never actually played him but hes definitely given me a hard time as mid on occasion. thats just my analysis of your question. and also the more im thinking about it, im wondering how he could overcome magic resist builds.. since most of what he brings to the table is damage, what happens when you get to late game and many people have either a banshees veil or a force of nature and that sort of thing?

and to really answer your question, on lolmatches brand currently has the 5th worst win percentage coming in at a very poor 43.79%. every champion can win and be played effectively, but as a true answer to your question i would say no brand is not viable in high level play based on that statistic. like ive been saying everyone can win and do well but being mostly just damage hes too susceptible to countering and hes skillshot reliant on top of it. the stat is based on 491 ranked games


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Can be solid a lot of the time, but has a few large flaws that prevent him from being tourney viable.
1)Skill shot based with long cooldowns. Avoid one/two spell in his combo and you can harass him fairly free for several second or zone him easily.
2)Lack of escape. Two spells to land a short stun usually isn't enough.
3)His ultimate's bounce range is relatively small. Good players will see it's animation and move away limiting it's bounce.
4)Trouble soloing blue early. Meaning he needs a a jungler leash if he's to return to lane.

Why he's pretty solid other times(against non communicating/less experienced players):
1)Lane phase if they don't start boots, it's very easy to land a couple pillars(W), take stun(Q) lvl 2 and ignite for a quick kill.
2)Once he has Ult, can turn a gank into a double kill if enemy's stick close together and let your ult bounce between them.
3)Roaming to bot lane with Ult can be an easy double kill when enemy doesn't ward.