How to beat this wack comp?

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Just got railed in a game and lost to this comp:

Singed and Jax Top lane
Kassadin Mid
Rammus Jungle
Pantheon Solo Bot

Versus Us:

Sivir/Volibear Bot
Diana Jungle
Gangplank Top
Viktor Mid


You can see they didn't have an ADC, and they definitely didn't play a "standard" game by switching up solo and duo lanes and not choosing ADC, etc. etc.

We got wrecked hard, so my question is: How do you beat a team like this? Almost all tanks and there was no way to farm we just all got denied hard. Bot did fine for a little while but then pantheon leveled up beyond us and could wreck us 1v2 by level 8.

Is this a new meta?

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Probably just gameplay mistakes on your team's part.

Did diana mess with rammus inside his jungle? Were there wards on top and bottom? Rammus and kassadin have huge amounts of ganking power.

Did your bottom lane rotate to top?

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Sivir/Volibear is not a strong lane, but you should have been able to beat Pantheon easy, and his late game would have been nothing since he falls off as it is.

Gangplank is a much better champ to take a 2v1, since he can CS with his parley, and sustain for a lot longer than Pantheon.

Diana is a stronger mid champ than a jungle champion.

So basically top should have held on, and have singed and jax be gold and level starved in the mid game, while he himself bought GP5s to guarantee his mid game.

Bot should have had an easy free-farm lane.

You should have had a real support, not volibear, since volibear needs items to be viable in mid-late. If you're going to run Sivir, I suggest Soraka for the mana sustain since sivir hates her mana, and tries to get rid of it as fast as possible.

And no, it's not the new meta. Sending 2 people top and having 1 bot is in the current meta when you want to shut down the farm top, So is having a double bruiser lane if they choose a strong sustain lane, since double bruisers can kill an AD carry + the small damage from their support since bruisers are good early, and AD carries are good late. However, the bruiser lane falls off even though they are advantaged early, and if your team can't take the 2v1 and their team can (which should have been the case with those matchups) then it would backfire. So that's why it's less common than the standard.

The only problem I see is Viktor vs Kassadin and Rammus vs Diana. I don't know how those matchups are supposed to go.

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Dude's post above me pretty much nailed it. But there are a few problems I could see here:

Kassadin vs Viktor is a big one. If Viktor didn't take advantage of Kassadin's ****ty pre-level 6 game, then I'm willing to bet Kassadin walked all over Viktor and roamed. This gave them two gankers and if Kassadin came top, with a line-up of Jax, Singed and Kassadin, diving would be easy every time.

Bot lane should have dove early and often. Pantheon is nothing but poke so his 2v1 is probably incredibly bad. Diving with Voli isn't hard since his passive will just kick in. Plus, with solo bot, the other team is basically forfeiting dragon control.

Overall it's a wacky comp and if your team wasn't premade or communicating over skype/ts/vent, I could see that comp wrecking a disorganized, impatient team. They ran two top laners who starve for farm so the mid-game should have been yours as long as you guys were patient. But again, it's a lot easier said than done when this happens since you're most likely not prepared for it. You'll know how to handle it next time.

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bot & top lane should have won easily, mid is the only one that should have had any trouble...i have been solo Draven top vs a duo & owned simply because they get gold starved & under-leveled, if Draven can do it, Plank should have no problem at all

& with Diana jungling she should have been able to tear the team apart, Pantheon should have died every single time he stepped in lane, maybe Jax too