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Would you like to see any of these ideas in LoL?

Yes, I'd like to see both ideas implemented. 3 37.5%
I'd only like to see the tutorials implemented. 1 12.5%
I'd only like to see the player kick function implemented. 3 37.5%
I don't like either idea. 1 12.5%
Voters 8 .

Ranked Games: Completely Unplayable? (Fix)

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Cara Astras

Junior Member


So I gave up on -trying- to get into a decent ranked game about a month ago. Why you might ask? Because of people's absolute failure to comprehend the simple necessity of a balanced team composition. I didn't lose all my faith until about 5 minutes ago, when my PuG team chose these champions:

Xin Zhao (Top Apparently)
Talon (Mid Apparently)
Graves (Bot Apparently)
Eve (Which was my sad attempt to balance the team with a jungler)
Ashe (Who was also, apparently, bot)

So of course I dodged.. who in their right mind wouldn't? That team just screams a win by thornmail. What's worse is that the enemy team was balanced, with a fully balanced team. Why might this be happening? Because people don't understand, in the slightest, how a ranked game should work. Why it is that they would lose with a full AD team. Why having your roster counter the enemy's is more important than playing that champ you just bought for lols.

So here's exactly how you can fix it Riot. There's just two things that need to be done.

First, apply a required tutorial (much like Battle Training) which any unranked level 30 will have to complete in order to unlock ranked queues. The tutorial should consist of explaining to the uninformed player the basics of team composition. Bring them to the character selection screen, have them be the last pick, give them a full list of champions to pick from, and buzz them if they choose an incorrect role.

Then of course there are in-game mechanics that these people don't understand-- like last-hitting minions. I remember one game I had an Ashe AD carry with literally 48 cs at the end of the game. Why? Because she wasn't taking minion kills. She was much too focused on attacking the enemy champions. So explaining long-term gold necessity to such a player seems imperative.

Lastly the tutorial should go through separate roles, so that players understand the answer to their questions: "What exactly is Support? Why should a team need such a wimpy thing? Isn't it all about smacking the enemy champs?" Role tutorials should consist of ward placement, jungling, last-hitting, laning, supporting, ganking, counter jungling, et cetera.

How is this fair, you might ask. Well I'd like to ask a better question. How is it fair that a single player, one which absolutely -refuses- to do any research or ask for help, brings down an entire team by being selfish and/or ignorant? Answer: It isn't. Players will always troll games for some reason, and in that regard will always purposely unbalance a team with a selfish "*calls champ*" tactic. This brings me to my next fix.

The next mechanic I'd like to see added, one which I've made a thread about before, is a player kick feature. In the champion selection screen, there should be a red X somewhere around the summoner portrait. One which, when pressed, will prompt the rest of the team to select "Yes" or "No" in regards to kicking the player. 3 out of 4 votes should immediately eject the player from the game, and give them a 15 second penalty (just so they don't rejoin the same one).

How is such a feature fair, one might ask. It's fair in every sense of the word 'fair'. A better question would be "How is it fair that a selfish player disrupts an entire team composition by doubling up a taken role?" Answer: It isn't. Adding such a simple feature would improve gameplay drastically, making it so players aren't merely wasting an hour of their lives to be ruined by a selfish troll.

That concludes the topic. Attached is a poll to more easily show your like or distaste of either option.

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Arondight KJ

Junior Member


...to be honest, I think the problem is not with that people don't understand how the game should work. Most of the time, the problem lies in that
1. Some people will only play what they wanted to play - they don't care about winning and team work as much as the need to have it their way and getting to pick what they wanted.
2. Some people find it enjoyable to ruin other people's time and troll on purpose.

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Junior Member


This can all be fixed by scrapping the 30 min queue dodge wait time. When you get a troll on your team, dodge.
Right now that is impossible because YOU will be punished not the troll.


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Junior Member


30 min is complete overkill. i know its annoying to have repeated dodges but 30 min for a troll is just way too much.

Solo queue just isn't the place to 'Support Ashe' after other players have asked you not to.

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Senior Member


Bot lane feed 7-0 Enemy Sivir, Top Lane feed 4-0 Darius in my last game nice system....

Go to try lucky in Ranked Solo/Duo, thanks Riot.