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Creative Design AMA: Katarina, the Sinister Blade

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Shadow Master

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"Prominent" Noxian general, "prominent" Demacian soldier.

This bio seems to have been outsourced to India.

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lpGGl DerSlap:
Also, why even rewrite it? What was so wrong with it?

This is my question.

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I always pictured her less nationalistic and more of a daddy's girl exploiting her father's position to indulge in her sadistic amusements, in addition to presumably wanting to one-up Marcus Du Couteau when it comes to stabbing things into submission. Moreover you slip in the duty and Noxian ideals angle every other sentence when, really, it's always seemed like a very minor part of her character.

If you really want to make her more nationalistic then just leave the blurb at the beginning or make it just one or two references at most. Slip the names in there; named characters give more interesting allowances for fluff expansion. Perhaps stress her sadistic/pointy-thing obsessions and the fact that she became an assassin not because she was trained to, not because her father was an excellent fighter, but rather because she wanted to stab people a whole lot. Let her be doing things of her own volition rather than under pressure or expectation or even loyalty. The Du Couteaus have always been a free-spirited sort and Cassie was the only one who really obeyed Daddy's wishes anyways.

Katarina should be a self-made woman, to some extent, forging her own path to be the best, to push herself further, because ultimately she's doing what she loves: hucking knives at people regardless of their allegiance. And also being a pretty redhead.

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Yeah, this one suffers major issues to me personally.

I understand the direction that Riot is going with it. Emphasize her place in Noxian aristocracy, her patriotism, and what has shaped her as an assassin. Three ticks off on how to make her more personable, but, as people said, it really removes her from the LoL timeline and more so in major ways. I can understand wanting to remove the General (to a degree) for simplicity's sake but what about a mention of Garen directly?

Also the issue is, well, it paints a very different Katarina. From a lore standpoint, she's never come across as a brash character to me. In the JoJ, we got a very intelligent, responsible, and strong woman that could stand toe-to-toe with anyone on the global front (think back to her speaking against Karma in the Noxus v. Ionia conflict). Brash, emotional assassin isn't what I get from that at all.

We had the rash, bloodthirsty in the form of Sion and Urgot. Noxus women never seem to have had that problem.

I can understand the desire to streamline for easier access into the world; I think it is happening a bit too heavily; it's hurting the flow overall. You can't really relate that without an understanding of her father and Noxian politics. It looks like the writer tried to find a hook to make the character endearing. Given some of the response to Fiora's updated lore was that she seemed too snobbish/prideful, I'm not really surprised the lore team considered a better way to make viewers identify with Katarina. The rise up after a tragedy angle is popular conceptually, but this stands out blatantly and really pushes away from the typical "Forever strong" concept of Noxus that was particularly embodied in Katarina. She's really the figurehead of 'old' Noxus pride (I'd say Swain would be the figurehead of 'new' Noxus pride now).

My issue is...

I was attracted to her originally as a character because I fell in love with Noxus versus the other city-states. I'm not feeling that same connection now. Is the purpose of her "mistake" simply to try and humanize Noxus champions more? The previous League champions from Noxus were all painted largely to be the perfect soldiers and patriots. Mistakes, if they occurred, were fatal on the battlefield largely. However, Katarina was always a far more perfect embodiment of carrying Noxus pride. Why the difference in showing her slipping up? It detracts from the sense of age I had in her previous incarnation.

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Aeolian Melodies

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Why change her personality from a badass, cold blooded assassin to some passionate hot-head that failed (she killed the wrong guy, SERIOUSLY RIOT)?

Why not mention her relation to other champions? Katarina is one of the champions with the most connections to others, why is it forgotten?

How in the living hell did Noxus, a society based solely on merit, PRAISE her rather than EXECUTE her after she failed to kill that Demacian general (Garen, I guess? Why not NAME him?), not once, but TWICE?

Honestly.... her new lore is bad. I mean on Jayce's scale of bad.
She's like a Noxian Fiora now.
I know you tried to make it work but.... honestly it doesn't. It's sorry but it's just bad.
I just don't feel like this is Katarina at all. She's already been heavily cemented into the lore, the change was a poor choice.

Except that Fiora is a prodigy in her lore, while Kat is a failure even in her own lore.

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Renekton Bot

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Her new lore leaves a lot of questions unanswered, so thank you for doing this.

Now, as for those questions:

1) Katarina's Shunpo allows her to travel much faster than even her own knives. Has she ever thrown her dagger at someone, Shunpo'd to them, and stabbed herself?

2) She has two spins now. How is Garen going to feel about that?

3) Speaking of Garen, you seem to have erased the hint of romance between them. Was this done to prepare her for a far cooler, scalier boyfriend?

3a) How does Katarina feel about crocodiles?

4) Considering her outfit, how is it that she only has a scar on her eye?

5) How does she avoid getting her hair in her eyes as she's spinning around?

6) How does she feel about Zyra, considering Zyra is literally a Death Lotus?

7) Question Seven is a hypothetical situation:

Katarina is trapped in a Demacian prison. She's planning her escape when carnage breaks out somewhere in the city. Distracted, she listens as the chaos grows louder and louder until whatever it is makes it to the prison in which she is languishing. Thinking it a Noxian raiding party come to rescue her, she is surprised when what comes to stand before her cell is an eight foot crocodile. He is holding the keys to the door in one hand and grinning at her with vile intent.

He tells her that he will give her the keys, but first she has to do something for him.

The crocodile slips a bottle of scale polish through the bars.

My question is: Does she help this crocodile, whose arms can't quite reach those crucial spots on his back, and does she stick around to chat with him afterwards? I mean, he's really a nice guy beyond his insane, all-consuming rage and he came all this way just to see her.

If she does stick around, do they end up dating?

8) What is her favorite food? Does she have any favorite restaurants?

9) She seems to care little for jewelry, but what about chocolate? Flowers?

10) Is she ticklish?

11) Is her hair naturally red? Does the c--nevermind.

12) Really though, is she looking for a relationship right now? I mean, I'm coo--I mean my friend said he was cool either way, we're just curious.

Thanks again!

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Since this is an AMA. I want to ask.

Why is Katarina's lore being changed in the first place? What was so bad about it that did not fit within the Leagues Lore?

Will Marcus Du Couteau be mentioned more or will he become a champion relating himself to Katarina as the "Prominant General" in her bio.

Will Kat's Sister, Cassiopeia be mentioned, or are you going to redo Cassio's lore as well? Because it won't make much sense leaving it as is now. Right?

Will Katarina's other sisters be mentioned?

What of Katarina's apprehension towards the new Grand General, Jericho Swain? Before she was apprehensive about it becausee a decision was made before her father, the most notable candidate dissapeared right at the perfect time for Swain.

What of her choice to go against the more womanly ways that her sisters took up, to become a more powerful military being and powerhouse of Noxus?

What about her rivaly with Garen Crownguard of Demacia?

What of her willingness to work with Demacia to find her father?

Was was brought because of that?

What of Katarina's mission mission to find her missing father? She teamed up with Demacia for this, as did Talon.

I'm posting this back into my original post on the front page as well.

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I feel the new one is too vague. It says shes a noble but doesn't say of what family or who her family is which is pretty bad considering one is cass a fellow champ. She was sent to kill a famous general but yet he himself has no name as opposed to before where she had an encounter with garen a known solider of demacia. Also her personality comes off as the complete opposite it was in the old lore from level headed and calculated to hasty and and short tempered.

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Why would you remove all the lore related to noxian standard social behavior, her father & sisters (Cassiopia), Garen, Sion, her motivation and skill?

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Melancholy Exile

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Why is Katarina seen as 'A symbol of Noxian patriotism'?

Her new lore does absolutely nothing to establish this fact and, if anything, sets her up as someone that other Noxians wouldn't want to emulate. She was someone who was so driven by selfish passion, and a need to prove her strength, that she messed up completely. It feels like you focussed too heavily on her youthful mistakes, rather than actually telling us about her true successes.

After reading this lore, with completely fresh eyes, I would have no idea what Katarina has done for Noxus, what position she holds in their society or why she's held in anything resembling high esteem. All I know about the character is that she's passionate ... and that leads her to make mistakes.