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Siren, the Valoran Calamity. Multi-Element Mage idea

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First female-ish name I could think of.
Siren, the Valoran Calamity

I thought it would be interesting if the mage could combine powers. The multi-ability thing for new champs seems somewhat popular and really fun to command at the same time. At the same time, I thought it would be fun to use different names of places in Valoran to names the spells.
Passive: Spellmasters Fury- ( Spell Combos )
-Each spell Siren casts has a minor delay. Within that delay, activating another spell will combine the two spells into a more powerful attack. This attack will cost ____ extra mana but hits for ___% extra damage. After 3 seconds of not using the combined spell, Siren will lose the combo and the activated spells refresh at half their cooldown. ( Does not work with Ultimate )

Q-Firestarter- Siren fires a wave of fire in a line, dealing damage and scorching the land below dealinging D.O.T for 2 seconds. At level 5, the D.O.T duration is increased as well has the distance of the spell.
Spellmasters Fury-“Steam Vent”-Combining Firestarter with Come Forth, Conquers Sea, will release a scolding cloud of steam on a target area, dealing D.O.T and slowing anyone caught in it.
Spellmasters Fury-“Comet”-Combining Firestarter and Call of Freljord, Siren will send a comet from the sky, stunning targets in the center for 1 second and buring the land around the center for 2 seconds, dealing D.O.T

W-Come Forth, Conquers Sea!- Siren calls the power of the Conquers Sea, making a pillar of water burst forth from the ground after a short delay ( like brands pillar of flame ). The target will take damage and be slowed. At level 5 this ability will have its radius increase.
Spellmasters Fury-“Glacier”- Combining Come Forth, Conquers Sea and Call of Freljord will cause Siren to make a glacier erupt from the land, dealing damage and slowing anyone hit.

E-Call of Freljord- Siren pulls power from Freljord, conjuring a massive iceball to fall from the sky. Enemies caught in the center will be stunned for 1 second. At level 5, this spell will deal additional damage.

R-Cry of Valoran-Siren heeds the cry of the fallen mages of Valoran, focusing their powers to him

For 12 seconds, Siren receives (a scaling amount of AP. Lvl 1-25, Lvl 2-45 Lvl 3-60). The area around him is a torrent of elements, causing AOE damage. Additionally, Sirens cooldown on abilities is reduced by 50% ( on top of whatever CDR may be equip ) At the end, Siren releases a burst of power dealing damage to all caught in the blast.

Just fun little ideas I had for a Mult-Element Mage champ. Thoughts? Feedback is always fun.