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LAG the last couple days

yes 3 100%
no 0 0%
Voters 3 .


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Anyone else experiencing lag in games the last couple days? I've reset my router a couple times but seem to still get it consistently. thanks

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Senior Member


after the europe server is completely messed up right now (no 5vs5 available, np practice games at ALL) and constantly set on "busy" i decided to play on my US-account and it was especially funny when enemies popped out of nowhere in front of me, i mashed my QWER and double kill without seeing anything.

the rest of the time i was simply dying without being able to react at all.

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Junior Member


seems to have happened after the update... FPS issue which seems to be a software issue as I have had no problems before the update and verified that my internet connection is working properly.

if it helps riot.. I am using XP with some old hardware.. a hp n6350 laptop with about a gig of ram... the cpu a bit slow at 1.8 gigs but it has always delivered 60 fps on the lowest setting...

Please address the issue.. as even on the lowest setting the game is unfortunately unplayable.. considering all of the issues I have dealt with in the game since my help in beta testing.. I would hope you would realize that even the devoted fans are becoming quite annoyed and our attention is in jeopardy of going elsewhere.

As a last note... you have made it your core policy to create a stable server platform for gaming... thou it in all honesty it has not appeared to have been very successful.
Management change, devolpmental changes to add more code testing... anything.. but your policy is not working...

Please... again... change your ways before myself, my friends and your core fanatics grow tired of the ever present problems that seem to be present every single update as of late.