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Questioning the role of support in ranked

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Well for another example lets try fiddle support, for cc he has a great fear and an aoe silence . For his own sustain he has drain he require less items to scale versus soraka and he has a good debuff. I'm not saying this meta would be better im just trying to open up ppl to a different way of playing .

Fiddle pushes his lane on his poke and drain, is super squishy, and does, in fact, need items to be a factor mid-late game. Furthermore, he can and will killsteal on his ulti. The Fear is also reduced by tenacity. Janna's knock-up and knock-back aren't. he also offers absolutely no form of sustain or buffs to his AD carry.

Alistar is about a trillion times tankier, brings more CC that can't be reduced by merc treads, and has a spammable small heal. he can push harder than fiddle if he wants to, and avoid pushing a lot easier, if he wants to.

Leona Brings more, harder CC than just a single fear, is tankier, doesn't KS, and helps her carry do more damage with her passive.

Lulu brings a super strong slow, a strong silence and slow, has a shield that increases the carry's damage, has a super strong speed buff, and her ult can save a life or help your carry easily take one.

Why would you want a fiddlesticks, with one (admittedly good) CC and another mediocre one, when you could have any of these champions, with better, CC, more of it, more tankiness, and more to bring to the table for their carry, like heals, shields, and damage buffs?

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Just run a kill lane. Get tons of assists and win or lose the lane phase.

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It is possible to send a bruiser bot, but that is only really for the purpose of getting kills, and only with bruisers who normally build lots of gp10 anyway and are played for utility far more than damage (Yorick, J4, Olaf). Nigh every character can be played as support in lane. The trick to whether they are a real support is whether or not they're any use outside of lane.