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Banning for a Feature in your own Program

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The code is used if you are having problems with the patcher. Clearly what Riot was trying to do was keep you guys offline but some hard-headed kids still forced to go in and Riot isn't happy about that.

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Riot Exgeniar

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Da Orkz:
They are banning people not because of the way they are using the "feature", but when. Attempting to log in during a maintinence can mess up the system, increasing server downtime and basically making everyone more upset.
So don't do it during downtime.

A user normally don't understand the implication of using the 'code', their only feedback to using it is that it will turn the offline/busy to a online so they can try to login. How would they know that it would cause a technical problem, unless they check the boards religiously?

The thing about this 'code' is that almost everyone knows it, and it has been implemented into the client for ages. So Riot had plenty of time to limit players from using the 'code'. If they call this an 'exploit', they should also take part of the blame for this as they never 'fixed' or 'clarified' the use of said code.